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Swag Swami is a respected e-commerce brand and we market our products via www.swagswami.com which has a very good domain authority.

An integral part of our website is our blog where we highlight various products so our customers and readers can make an informed decision while buying online.

We are looking for articles on the following topics. Get in touch with us for more detail.


  • Cricket
  • Badminton
  • Football
  • Running
  • Table Tennis
  • Drones
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Shoes

Guidelines for Writing

Please follow the below guidelines while writing your article

  1. Make sure the article is at least 1000 words or more. The longer the article, the more weight it carries!
  2. Write in simple, grammatically correct language. Avoid slang, clichés or objectionable content. When in doubt, avoid it!
  3. Be original, avoid plagiarism. If copy-paste was an option, we would have done it ourselves!
  4. Keep your emotion on promotion in check. Stick to facts, hype is not our type!
  5. Use examples to substantiate your views
  6. Use bullet points whenever and wherever possible. Makes it easy for readers to remember.
  7. Finally, write with conviction; it makes a difference!

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