The Best Women’s Crop Tops That You Can Buy Online In India

It is often said that India has three seasons; hot, hotter, hottest! While this is a generalization and said more in jest, it is a fact that we are a subtropical country and the climate is warm to middling hot most of the year. Winter holds sway in north of India for about three months in a year and even then the climate is comfortable down south. Our dressing and fashion has evolved over the years keeping the climatic conditions in mind which is why crop tops have become extremely popular in recent times.

Traditionally, Indians have preferred cotton garments with white colour predominant and popular. Be it the omnipresent dhoti for men or sarees for women, white is the preferred choice. While the choice of fabric is great commonsense, the colours were limited because of the techniques in printing. This has changed over the last two decades and the new India has broken out from its shell exploring the world of fashion.

Newer fabrics have brought in newer colours; vibrant, bright and with vivid patterns. Designer clothing is in and growing at a furious pace. Crop Tops or Cropped Tops for women and girls is a new addition to the fashion line and is a very popular wear. This is a bold garment cut up to the midriff. More and more ladies choose these designer printed crop tops and are comfortable in wearing them.

Crop Tops are versatile dresses that can be worn with jeans if you are a yuppie, with skirts if you are fashion minded and even with ethnic wear like lahengas if you are attending one of those themed parties.

Swag Swami’s 100% Cotton Graphic Printed Crop Tops

Swag Swami has created a whole range of printed cropped tops that not only look great but make an attitude statement as well. You can also customize your cropped top for a particular occasion with a specific message or picture!

Swag Swami’s women’s cropped midriff tops are made up of 100% cotton so you can wear them comfortably all through the year. In hot summer it can be worn without a protective jacket and in winter, a jacket or shrug could be added for that cozy warmth. All our crop tops are bio-washed for that soft feel.

With a great collection of themes and prints available, Swag Swami offers you the comfort of shopping from home! Visit our web store and buy short sleeve midriff tops online from anywhere in India! We will deliver!

So the next time you host a women-only party, celebrate a family function, or plan for that fun trip with your friends, go for the cool printed tops from Swag Swami and add to the fun!