Namma Coimbatore Theme la Super Gethu T Shirts

Coimbatore is a young city by comparison with other ancient ones in Tamil Nadu. It was primarily a textile manufacturing city that churned out the famous Coimbatore T Shirts and other garments in bulk. It also serves as a gateway to Kerala via the Palghat Pass. Surrounded by Western Ghats on three sides, Coimbatore’s climate and quiet living style has made this a pensioners’ paradise. The taste of water from Siruvani is a source of pride for Coimbatoreans. Many prefer to come back and settle down remembering the taste of Siruvani as a main reason!

Ancient Heritage, Modern City

Coimbatore is blessed in many ways. While aspiring to be a modern city with all technological advances, it still retains the old world charm. The air quality and living standards are the envy of many other cities. Traffic though getting hectic, (Coimbatore has the highest per capita vehicles in Tamil Nadu) is nowhere as irritating or affecting daily life as Bangalore or Chennai. The salubrious climate with a very short summer and extended period of moderate climate make living here a blessing.
Coimbatore is an entrepreneurial city. Much of the city’s current development is due to individual effort and charity.
Coimbatore started as a textile city during the British era with hundreds of mills that manufactured Cotton Coimbatore T Shirts being established during that time. This was due to the humidity in the air which was conducive to spinning yarn and the black soil which was ideal for growing cotton. With the advent of industrial humidifiers this advantage was nullified but the economic development spurred on by mills laid the base of for the modern city to expand and thrive. At its peak, Coimbatore was known as the Manchester of South India.

Coimbatore – The City of T Shirt and Garment Innovation

Smaller more efficient power loom factories took over when the business of textiles slowed down. Today, Coimbatore is home to more than 30,000 such units that are spread across the villages surrounding Coimbatore.
Industrially, Coimbatore has an enviable record as a city of garments and T Shirt innovation. Many young heirs of the business community were educated abroad and they brought modern thought and innovation to Coimbatore.

It is only natural that Coimbatore is a huge hub of textile related machinery and spare parts. Lakshmi Machine Works (LMW) is a giant in this segment with a long history of leadership. Foundries flourished and when they shut down, new smaller segments started and filled the void.
Coimbatore started with manufacturing of mixies and went on to invent the wet grinder. Innovations like table-top grinders; tilting wet grinders too were invented and patented here. Coimbatore exports wet grinders to more than 50 countries. To honour the achievement Coimbatore wet grinder now has a Geographical Index (GI) tag.
Another segment apart from the famous Coimbatore T Shirt that has seen tremendous growth and is dominated by Coimbatore is pumps. Coimbatore is home to more than 100 major pump manufacturers, from the ordinary submersible pump used in households to complex industrial pumps, Coimbatore makes them all and exports to more than 60 countries now.

Coimbatore’s Racing DNA

Apart from these, Pricol in Coimbatore manufactures world class instrument panels and meters that is the standard fitting for almost every automobile manufactured in India. Maruti and other auto manufacturers, apart from sourcing Coimbatore T Shirt, also rely on OEM from Coimbatore. This is due to their eye for quality and higher standards in production. Tatas have a joint venture with Jayem Automotives to design and create Special Performance Vehicles. The connection with auto industry can be traced back to Coimbatore being home to automotive sports like rallying and racing. Apart from Chennai it is the only city in TN to have a permanent racetrack and competitions are conducted all through the year.
The long association with textiles and Coimbatore still continues with the city branching into manufacturing of shirts and jeans. Trigger is a Coimbatore based jeans manufacturer. Tibre trousers are quality products that are manufactured in Coimbatore.

Tiruppur – The Home of Coimbatore T Shirts and Other Garments

Tirupur, which was part of Coimbatore district until recently is the international hub for knitwear which is a multi-billion dollar industry. Tirupur exports to almost every country in the world and boasts of world class facilities. The spinoff from this industry like dyeing, job work and printing has resulted in the proliferation of small units around its vicinity. The industry caters to both export and local demands including hosiery and innerwear.
Advances in technology like print-on-demand have resulted in aspiring youngsters to create and market themed T shirts on the e-commerce portals. Coimbatore T Shirts and other city themed Tees like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune themed are very popular amongst the youth. Now any popular message can be printed on round or V-neck T Shirts, Cropped tops or long tops and hoodies and worn.

Coimbatore – The Education Hub

All this entrepreneurship needs education and Coimbatore has a very proud tradition of being home to topnotch educational institutions. In the days when only government ran the engineering colleges or aided those who ran it, Coimbatore had three such institutions (GCT, CIT and PSG) whose alumni are now spread across the globe holding important positions. The industrialists took charity very seriously and created a more than 100 educational institutions to provide education for the local people. Many of these are now ranked highly nationally. Their alumni actively showcase the wonders of the city by wearing Coimbatore T Shirts.

The city is also home to quality hospitals and medical colleges and medical tourism is a thriving industry. Of late, IT majors like Bosch and Cognizant along with Amazon have expanded to Coimbatore to tap the abundant talent available.
Coimbatore is close to the Western Ghats and Ooty, Kotagiri and Coonoor are a mere hour’s drive. Munnar and Kodaikanal are about 5 hours away. It has an international airport that is about to grow and scale up. The Silent Valley national reserve is about 3 hours away. Hence, Coimbatore is an ideal stopover for any tourist traveling to these places. The city has a very active trekking network. It is also a leader in environmental awareness movement with active citizen participation. Each week sees them actively engaged in desilting a lake or cleaning up a waterway with hundreds of ordinary people donating their time.
Coimbatore is a city on the verge of taking a big leap towards prosperity. Let us celebrate namma ooru by sporting Coimbatore T Shirts with pride!