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I know you’ve come here looking to check out our collection of Cricket T Shirts, Cricket Phone Covers and other Cricket themed merchandise, but let us first take a quick glance at the history of the Gentleman’s game.

Cricket was invented in England and the game was taken to its colonies by the British and enthusiastically adopted by the natives along with the English language. America is an exception though! Even today, the cricket playing world is a map of British colonies. But with more and more countries like Holland embracing the game, it is slowly becoming a global game.

The Rise of Cricket in India

Cricket may have been invented in England but we Indians have adopted it as our own and have elevated it to the status of an unofficial religion. The performance and success of Indian cricket team is discussed across all walks of life from chai shops to board meetings! India dominates the global cricket arena. It is like a colossus and virtually finances more than half of the game indirectly from revenues collected by telecasting its matches and in gate receipts.
The watershed moment for cricket in India happened when Mr. Jagmohan Dalmia took the cricket world cup event for the first time away from England in 1987. What was a sedate affair now turned into a mega celebration. It was a state-of-the-art show and produced high voltage cricket and the Indian public were hooked. This interest turned into a power house of cricket. Soon more and more events were hosted by India successfully. The Indian cricket team too started tasting more success with exposure and grounds became better and standards higher.

The Indian Premier League

The advent of IPL brought in loads of cash and suddenly, India was “The Place” to be if you were a cricketer of any repute. Big sixes on the ground translated into bags of money off the ground. Every state association benefitted by the cash, creating world class infrastructure across multiple cities. Television and Internet rights brought in further cash. Players now could make more than comfortable living off cricket even if they did not play at the highest level for their country. Even those who retired now had a better deal and were provided with generous benefits for their service.
The Indian cricket team now is #1 team in Tests, #2 in One-days and #5 in T20s. This success on the ground has translated into confidence on the field and to a multimillion fan following off it.

India – Manufacturing Hub of Cricket Goods

India is the centre of manufacturing cricket goods. From Kashmir Willow and English Willow bats, world class batting and wicket keeping pads and gloves and other protective equipment, India is dominating the cricket gear market place too. Brands like SS, SG, MRF, BAS, BDM, and DSC are preferred by top cricketers across the world. Even foreign brands like G&M, Gray-Nicolls and Kookaburra are made or sold in India. India is the largest manufacturer of cricket goods and the largest consumer in the world!

Types of Cricket Bats

Cricket bats are made from the wood of the willow tree and broadly classified into two types, Kashmir willow and English willow. From cricket bats for kids/children/juniors to full sized cricket bats cricket bats come in all sizes. There are cricket bats meant for leather cricket balls and those which are ideal for hard tennis ball cricket too.
You can read about the Top 10 cricket bats in India by clicking on this link.

Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

The British brought home-grown willow trees and planted them in Kashmir where the climate closely resembled their home country. Kashmir willow bats are cheaper than English willow bats and are ideal for beginners and mid-level club players. The higher end of Kashmir willow bats if cared for properly can rival English willow bats of the same caliber.
BDM, SG, SS, BAS, DSC and Spartan are some of the well-known manufacturers of Kashmir willow cricket bats.

English Willow Cricket Bats

These are made from genuine English willow from England and have many grades and the cost also increases as the grade goes up. Test players like M.S.Dhoni and Virat Kohli use premium grade English willow and these could cost lakhs of rupees. For professionals at senior level excellent bats are available from MRF, SG, SS, BAS, Spartan, DSC and BDM. Apart from these even English manufacturers like Gunn & Moore and Gray-Nicolls and Australian companies like Spartan, Wolfer, and Kookaburra retail their bats in India.

Cricket Accessories

Apart from bats, India also manufactures world class leather cricket balls like SG Test and others. Batting pads, gloves, abdomen guards, inner gloves, thigh guards and chest guards are some of the protective gear for batsmen. Wicket keepers have their own designed pads, gloves and inner gloves. Bowlers and batsmen have specialized shoes.

Cricket Wear and Cricket Themed T Shirts

From the famed flannels from England to the modern dry-fit fabric cricket wear has undergone a sea of change. Modern day cricket wear is designed and created for the best fit and comfort and to expel the sweat and keeping the body dry. Much research has gone into this and technological advance from sportswear in other disciplines has contributed to the modern cricket wear.

Cricket T Shirts As Casual Wear

For the cricket fan, cricket themed T shirts are one of the ways to express their solidarity and support for their favourite teams. Whether it is the beloved national cricket team or their local IPL team like Chennai Super Kings or Mumbai Indians, there is a cricket themed Tee for everyone.
Apart from these official team T shirts, there are a multitude of T shirts that focus on various aspects of the game. It could be the picture of M.S. Dhoni (Enga Thala) or Virat Kohli (King Kohli), a funny and clever slogan (Boom, boom, Bumrah!) or a quote from a famous cricketer; cricket themed T shirts cover all possibilities!
Cricket themed Tees come in all types. There are some with full sleeves, some with short sleeves and some are sleeveless!
The neck designs can be either round neck, V shaped neck or Polos that have a collar
T shirts are also designed as either gender specific (male or female) or unisex. Further design modifications are short tops (crop tops) and long tops (T shirt dress) for women.
Unisex hoodies and hooded T shirts can also carry cricket themes. Special effects like glowing in the dark are very popular amongst children and youth and baby rompers come with this glow effect to capture the imagination of the children.
T shirts come in all sizes too. From small to plus size, there is a cricket Tee for everyone!
Merchandise like cricket themed magic mugs and coffee mugs and other children’s items like sipper bottles, notebooks and badges are hugely popular.
Besides these, even mobile back covers, laptop sleeves, and posters are popular with teenagers and youth. So if cricket is your passion grab one of these cricket T shirts now!