Best Cotton Running T Shirts You Can Buy Online in India

The Emerging Sport of Running for Fitness

Running or Jogging is a very popular sport in India. Many corporates encourage their employees to take fitness seriously. Jogging or running is one of the favoured fitness activity. Almost every major city in India now hosts a marathon with participation from world class athletes. Locals enroll and get involved in thousands. With good corporate sponsoring, India is on the global running map due to these events. Running T shirts also have grown in popularity simultaneously.

The Rapidly Growing Market of Sportswear

India is slowly finding its way in sports. The Indian cricket team is the world’s best and hockey is enjoying a resurgence. Indian football is getting better and our athletes are winning medals in shooting and track. An increase in interest towards sport naturally fuels the sportswear segment.

Running T Shirts Types of Fabrics

Running themed T Shirts are equally popular amongst the amateur and professional runners. These T shirts are made from a variety of fabrics like polyester, polycot mix and pure 100% cotton. Polyester T shirts expel sweat away from the body and keeps it dry. Cotton, on the other hand, absorbs sweat much faster but does not dry as quickly. The advantage of cotton T shirt is that it is natural and economical.

Running produces a lot of sweat which can hinder performance if not dried quickly. This is the area that most fabrics concentrate on. Also a coarse or rough fabric can rub leading to bleeding of nipples so an ideal running T shirt should take care of these two aspects.

Polyester Running T Shirts

These use 100% polyester or a mix. They are light on the body and absorb and push sweat away from the body. Sweat wicking or moisture wicking is the action of expelling sweat away from the body. These polyester T shirts are used in most team sports. The disadvantage of these T shirts is that a good quality one costs a lot, often running into thousands of rupees. So casual runners look for alternatives.

Cotton T Shirts for Running

Cotton is ideal for running T shirts. It absorbs sweat and is easy on the skin and as a natural fibre, does not cause skin allergy. Most importantly, it is economical and affordable. You can pick from a variety of cotton fabric depending on the purity of cotton and thickness of the weave. Biowash is a method of prewashing the fabric to make it smooth and provide a great feel. A cotton T Shirt scores over polyester because it is not abrasive and does not generate heat of its own.

Types of Running T Shirts

There are many different types of Tees and you can find one that is most suited to you!  India is a vast country and when it is summer in one part, it rains in another so it is good to have a wide range!

Half-Sleeved Running T Shirts

Half sleeved Tees are ideal for warm weather and best suited for a country like India. They come in a variety of colours. Aids free movement of hands.

Full-Sleeved Running T Shirts

Preferred when the weather turns mildly cold. Full-sleeved running T shirts retain the warmth within.

Sleeveless Running T Shirts

Best for very warm weather but no risk of sunburn. They offer the best possible comfort while running.

Tank-tops for Women

Most ideal for women who love to run. Allows for good aeration and comfort.

Hooded Sweatshirts or Hoodies

Hoodies are more a statement of attitude nowadays but a good cotton hoodie can serve as a warm up apparel too.

T Shirts With Fitness and Motivational Messages

T Shirts carry all sorts of messages. Funny, quirky, motivational and expressing attitude; you name it and there is a Tee for it! Naturally, running T Shirts also carry messages of fitness and motivation for fitness. Whether one is a casual runner or a serious professional, they all love to wear themed T shirts with messages. A well-designed and stitched T shirt is a joy to wear and run with!

T Shirts is Brand Promotion

Marathons are huge events in India and like any major event that attracts crowds, corporate companies turn these into mega marketing grounds. All the metros in India conduct at least one marathon that serves as a signature event for that city. This occasion is used to promote tourism and showcase the city’s infrastructure. Big corporates see this as an ideal event to promote their visibility and opt in as main sponsors or associate sponsors. Imagine 20,000 people running with your company logo printed large on the front or back, and television covering it live! The visibility and brand recall potential is priceless!

Marathons come in many sizes. The most grueling of them all, the Ladakh Marathon extends to 72 km and is a lung buster. Milind Soman, the model & actor hosts The Pinkathon, a marathon to raise breast cancer awareness in more than half a dozen cities. In fact, there are so many notable events that there is one happening every month in each city! Even tier-2 cities like Coimbatore and Pune have their own!  All these marathons are sponsored by companies that look to cash in on the opportunity.

Who can wear Running T Shirts?

Frankly anyone! Indians are becoming more and more aware of health risks associated with lack of exercise and fitness. Social media plays a vital role in raising this awareness. There are a hundreds of weight loss programs put up on social media platforms, but the best option remains physical exercise. Running is the simplest and the most effective ways to keep fit and maintain your weight. Men, women, boys and girls all take up running and these T shirts are designed to suit all of them. From small to plus size, there is a Tee for everyone!

With the proliferation in jogging/running clubs, running has become very organized and proper running, warm-up and warm down techniques are being taught to prevent injuries. These clubs promote their identity with unique running themed T shirts.

Who knows? There might be a running T shirt waiting just for you!