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Art To Money ATM

Swag Swami enables you to easily sell your art on over 15 different products. From Art To Money – just like that. Join the Swag Swami ATM program to get started today!

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How Does It Work?


Let your creative juices flow and come up with a design that captivates your target audience. You can use your favourite software or device to digitally prepare the design.


Upload your cool design to Swag Swami. We will create the products with your design and upload them to our website to be sold to our large customer base.


Share the products with your friends, family, and your Social Media followers. Post on your blog, wear T Shirts with your design and promote them on the go, wherever you go!


When people start buying products with your design, we ship it to them and all you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch the money roll into your bank account!

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From T Shirts to Tops, Dresses to Sweatshirts, and Mugs to Notebooks - we have them all at Swag Swami.
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Multiple Products
Pick one or pick them all!
We ensure that your wonderful designs get printed on the best quality products.
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Unmatched Quality
Just like your art!
Our simple design upload interface makes it super easy to create products and start selling!
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Hassle Free
Simple one-click uploads
Swami appreciates your effort and offers the highest earnings to talented Artists like you.
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Highest Earnings
Up to 17% of Order Value
Our 100% automated payment systems ensures you never have to wait for your payments.
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Automated Payments
On time, every time!
Your art is your property, always! It will keep earning money for you as long as it keeps selling.
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100% Passive Income
Design once, get paid for life!

Have more questions? Check out the FAQ below or Contact Us now!

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The Swag Swami Art To Money (ATM) program is a unique program which gives artists, designers, and creative thinkers to earn money by selling their designs on popular products such as T Shirts, Coffee Mugs, etc.

As an Artist, you can simply sign up, create your store and start uploading designs. When products with your designs sell, we will manufacture and send it to the customers. You, the designer, will get a percentage of the order amount as your royalty. 

Of course not! You retain complete ownership of your artwork. When you sign up to the Swag Swami ATM program and upload a design, you simply give Swag Swami permission to print your design on the products that you specify and sell it to customers. In exchange, you get a share of the sales we make as royalty.

The royalty amount is 10% of the ordered product’s value.

This confirmed royalty amount will be paid via NEFT Bank transfer at the end of the month. Royalty amounts get confirmed once the 15-day buyer return period for a sale ends. This is the period during which the buyer of the product can return any product for any reason as per the Swag Swami Return Policy

When you sign up to the Swag Swami ATM program, you will need to provide your bank account details. We will transfer the royalty payments to this bank account via NEFT transfer.

Your royalty payment gets confirmed once the buyer return period for a purchase ends, which is 15 calendar days after delivery of the product to the buyer. We transfer the confirmed royalty payments to your bank account at the end of each month.

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Once you sign up to the Swag Swami ATM program, you will get access to your Artist Dashboard page. You can upload new designs from your dashboard by clicking the Upload New Design button.

As soon as a product with your design gets sold, you will receive a ‘You’ve Made a Sale!’ email. This will contain details about what products were sold, what was the order value and what your royalty is.

Of course! As soon as you sign up to the Swag Swami ATM program, a separate page with your profile image and cover picture is created. All your new designs and products will automatically start showing up on this page.

You bet. Check out our Youtube channel for complete step by step video tutorials.



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