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Lakhs of designs on over 20 high quality products
By Independent Artists

Each purchase supports a talented Indian Artist
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We use eco-friendly inks to manufacture all products
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Swag Swami Customer Testimonial From Shweta Rohira

The material is super soft! Love the clever wordings on the tees and tops.
- Shweta Rohira 

Swag Swami Customer Testimonial From Radheshwar Modi

10/10 on Quality and Customer Service! I love Swag Swami for their witty designs
- Radheshwar Modi

Swag Swami Customer Testimonial From Janani Raman

They make excellent quality t-shirts with the coolest designs at a very affordable price point.
- Janani Raman

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  Swag Swami - Where Culture Meets Style

When you have a rich culture, you need to look no further to determine your style. At Swag Swami, we are gung-ho about connecting culture to the contemporary. In fact, our outlook is futuristic with our feet firmly rooted in our heritage. We aim to bond with young folks who live their lives the way they want to.

Our modern platform allows designers to express their artistic abilities to the rest of the world using stylish garments as a canvas of the 21st Century. This enables you, our customers to get a wide variety of wonderful designs on their printed t shirts, hoodies and other products. Our host of modern equipment brings the design to life in true colour using eco-friendly methods such as DTG printing. In essence, you get a super premium quality t shirt with an amazing looking print depicting your favourite interests and beliefs.

We have a wide range of products including the following that are super popular in India. Let us look at them below:

Unisex Graphic Printed T Shirts for Men and Women in India

We offer unisex half sleeve tees in 10+ colours including plain t shirts for that classic look. Our designs are carefully picked to go with the colour of the T shirt and also to convey the message or slogan that the designer has come up with. This is what makes our slogan printed t shirts one of the best in India. We also offer t shirts with a regional flavour including Tamil T Shirts, Malayalam T Shirts, Telugu T shirts, Kannada T Shirts, Marathi T Shirts, and of course, Hindi T Shirts.

Our designers, being from across the length and breadth of India, also ensure that the major cities of India aren't left out. This is why we have a large collection of Mumbai T Shirts, Delhi T Shirts, Chennai T shirts, Pune T Shirts, Bangalore T Shirts, Hyderabad T Shirts, Coimbatore T Shirts, Kochi T Shirts, Lucknow T shirts, Chandigarh T Shirts, and Ahmedabad T Shirts.

If you think that the above is amazing, we have more in store for you too. Yes, all the above designs made by independent designers from across India are available to you, our customers, in various neck types and sleeve lengths as well! Sleeveless T Shirts, V Neck T shirts, Full Sleeve T Shirts, 3/4th Sleeve T shirts, and even the subtly hipster baseball style Raglan T shirts are available with all our designs.

Women's T Shirts, Tops, and Dresses

There's a plethora of women's garments out there but nothing beats the simple t shirt for a comfortable trip or if you just want to chill and relax at home. Well, we at Swag Swami have you covered in that section. Featuring some of the coolest designs our range of super soft and comfortable tees, tops and dresses are things you'll simply fall in love with. Looking for a plain maroon t shirt or a plain coffee coloured t shirt? We've got them all.

In fact, we have several dedicated sectons for ladies wear that you should definitely check out. These include women's crop tops, women's t shirt dresses, and women's 3/4th sleeve t shirts, women's raglan t shirts and of course, the simple women's tee that is an all-time favourite. Oh, and we completely forgot about our wonderful line of women's tank tops - ideal for yoga, gym, or chilling at home with your loved ones.

Buy Hoodies online in India

Tees are great during summer but for the cold winter, you definitely need some additional layers. This is where our range of hooded sweatshirts or affectionately called Hoodies, come into the picture. These are made from a thick cotton to give a super soft feel and keep you nice, cozy and above all, warm, even during the harshest of the winter months.

Hoodies probably bring to your mind images of dull coloured winter garments. Well, we at Swag Swami have made sure that our hoodies are available in a variety of bright and attractive colours to brighten your mood in the gloomy winter months. Yes, colours including bright red, green and all time favourites - royal blue!

Ceramic Coffee Mugs, Notepads & Amazing Wall Posters

When you see our captivatingly designed accessories, we are sure that one particular word will come to your mind - “Quirky”! Yes, we are obsessed with bringing out the quirkiness and thus the inner child inside everyone to the surface and that's one reason why you'll find our coffee mugs, spiral notepads and wall posters to be exotic with witty slogans and a flourish of colours.

Quirky coffee mugs are the perfect way to ensure that you start your day with a smile. They also make for great wedding gifts or a birthday present for your loved one.

Have a nerdy friend who's always scribbling something or taking notes in class? Gift them one of our quirky spiral notepads and enjoy the smile on their faces when they open the gift!

Our wall posters are especially designed, keeping fandom, motivation and humour in mind. They are perfect to lift your spirits on a dull day or to give you that extra push during a hard workout at home. Decorate your house with wonderful slogans, quotes and of course, colourfully designed quirky wall posters from our catalog.

Plus Size T Shirts

Why miss out on the fun and fashion just because of a larger heart? You certainly won't at Swag Swami because all our designs are available in plus sizes as well. Yes, our plus size catalogue starts from 3XL and goes all the way to 7XL. Bigger sizes, better style and more awesomeness for all!

Couple T Shirts

Two tees - one feel! That's the perfect description for our range of cute couple t shirts. With quirky slogans, romantic verses and generally wonderful designs, Swag Swami's couple tees are perfect for Valentine's Day or to celebrate a romantic dinner during your anniversary. That being said, we've found that they are wonderful even to just snuggle next to each other on the couch during a binge watching session.

Glow in the Dark T shirts

Normal T Shirts are great to wear to a party or to the beach, but add glow in the dark to take your game to the next level! They are designed to give out a radiant neon glow only in the darkness. This makes them great for a party at a night club or on a visit to the beach where you'll be the talk of the crowd!

Swami Speaks - Our Blog for Product Reviews & More

Sure, we have a well run store. But did you know that our blog is also equally, if not even more awesome! Yes, our team of writers cover a wide range of topics that people write to us about - asking for recommendations. Most of these are reviews of the latest and most useful products, but we also write about life, philosophy, photography, and the like.

Some of our most popular articles are:

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  2. Best Football Cleats in India
  3. Best Roller Skates in India
  4. Best Vegan Ice Creams in India
  5. 10 Best Camera Drones in India
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  8. Best Gym Shoes in India
  9. Best Running Shoes in India
  10. Best Dog Beds in India
  11. Best Badminton Rackets India
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  13. Best Footballs India
  14. Best Yoga Mats India
  15. Best Hiking Shoes India
  16. Best Dog Foods India
  17. Best Treadmills India
  18. Best Elliptical Trainer India
  19. Best Badminton Shoes India
  20. Best Acoustic Guitars India
  21. Best Table Tennis Rackets India
  22. Best Gym Bags India
  23. Best Mattresses in India
  24. Best Cajon Drums in India
  25. Vegan Brands in India - The Ultimate Guide


When you're at Swag Swami, you can shop, read, and, hey, you can also play super fun quiz games and challenge your friends to beat you. Yes, we have fun-to-play quizzes on countless topics that range from the southern shores including a Kollywood themed Rajinikanth Quiz and Vadivelu Quiz all the way to internationally acclaimed shows including a Friends Quiz and even a Game of Thrones Quiz. Oh, and we have one for you Sci-Fi buffs as well - a neat little Sci-Fi Quiz.

In addition to the above products, we also have t shirts specially targetted towards particular interests. Let us look at a few of the following below:

Geeky T Shirts for Programmers and Nerds

Code-blooded tees for developers, testers, and everyone tech! From Coffee to Code with a bit of Git, Binary, Artificial Intelligence, and everything in between thrown in, our programming t shirts are the best way to showcase your inner geekiness to your colleagues at work.

Oh, and if you are a Science or Science-fiction fan, fret not for we have you covered as well with some of the coolest sci-fi and physics merch that you can buy in India.

Cricket T Shirts for Die-hard Cricket Fans

Education is important, but Cricket is Importanter! If this describes your thought process, then you'll definitely fall in love with our Cricket T Shirts. We've covered every single cricket terminology in a neat word cloud t shirt that you should definitely check out.

Oh, and who doesn't like shouting Howzaat!! We've got a creatively designed colourful Howzaat tee as well 🙂

Camera T Shirts for Photographers

Comfortable cotton t shirts for the tireless photographers out there. These photography themed tees are ideal for your daily use when you are out there in the wild (or wedding hall 🙂 ) clicking away.

Showcase your love for the greatest hobby in the World with Swag Swami's creative photography/camera themed merchandise. From Photography icons to Manual Mode and everything in between, we've covered them all!

Kollywood Tamil T Shirts for Tamizhans

From Thalaivar and Ulaga Nayagan to Thala and Thalapathy; from Gounder and Chinna Kalaivanar to our beloved Vagai Puyal, we've covered them all in out impressive Kollywood Collection.

Adhu mattum illainga, namma World famous musicians and singers ah eppdi marakka mudiyum? Our Music Tribute Tamil T shirts are the perfect statement to show off your love for namma Tamizh isai!

Reading T Shirts for Bibliophiles and Book Lovers

The only thing that will help you improve as a person and thereby succeed in life is reading! Unless you read, it is a know fact that you will remain the same. Reading is not just about gaining knowledge though. Books can take you on amazing adventures to far-off places, all without you having to leave the comfort of your couch or bean bag!

These thoughts and ideas are perfectly portrayed in our Reading themed T Shirts.

Vegan T Shirts for Vegans and Animal Lovers

Veganism is not in trend, it is actually an awakening! Wake your friends and family up to the realities of animal cruelty and health impediments caused by consumption and use of meat and animal products by sporting our range of T Shirts with Vegan themed messages and designs. Become a walking billboard for Veganism, after all, it is most certainly the future!

Badminton T Shirts

Badminton is easily India's most popular racquet sport. If you are someone who likes to smash hard and win with racket in hand, then our badminton t shirts collection is perfecct for you. We have a vast variety of badminton themed designs with shuttlecocks, racquests, smashes and more!