The Most Comfortable Polo T Shirt That You Can Buy Online In India

Polo T shirt or polos for short are nothing but a T shirt with a collar! It is the go-to garment of choice for today’s youth! Whether it is a formal meeting, semi-formal office outings, or completely casual parties, you see the polo T shirt in its various avatars everywhere! That is because wearing polos offers great comfort in a sub-tropical country like India where the weather is mostly hot and humid.

Polos can be made of many types of fabrics; cotton, single jersey, blends or mercerized. There are more items to the list of fabrics of course. There are sweat absorbent fabrics too. Cotton or cotton based polos are the best for Indian climate.

In cut, we have unisex polo T shirts that suit both men and women, polo T shirts for women with shorter sleeves and a different waist cut and polo T shirts for men with a straighter body cut and longer and broader sleeves.

In design, polos offer a good variety of choices. There are printed polo T shirts and there are those who sport a logo and a message on the back. Many companies provide their employees with polos printed with company logos and slogans/messages. Thus polos are ideal corporate gifts and brand promoting tools. Polos come with short sleeves or long sleeves as pullover T shirt.

Polos come in many colours from the basic white polo T shirt. White, navy blue, black and pink are the most popular colours. But no matter what the colour is, a polo is cool to wear! Many of the polo T shirts are sold as combos (a combination of colour and themes). When a manufacturer puts up a combo sale, it is a great time to buy!

Swag Swami’s 100% Cotton Unisex Polo

Swag Swami’s range of polos is made up of 220 gsm 100% cotton that is bio washed. This offers the smooth feel when worn and ensures the polo retains the shape and colour for a longer time.

Apart from the ones on display, Swag Swami can customize a polo to suit your needs. Whether it is a corporate logo, team slogan or simply a family celebration theme, we can customize a polo for any specific occasion.