Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy Chess Themed Tees and Merchandise

Indians invented Chess, but that was very long ago! Chess is now a worldwide sport. People of all ages play and follow chess. FIDE runs chess globally. Television coverage and technology aided training has created a boom for chess and as a result, boys and girls, young and the Old, even kids play the sport with passion. This has given rise to chess clubs and academies consequently competition with other clubs. Rivalry between local chess clubs and teams are legendary! Matches are played with great passion to determine the champion. Chess related merchandise is a natural offshoot of this popularity. Custom designed chess boards and pieces besides printed chess T shirts for men and women are popular and bought in great numbers.

Anand, with his stunning world championship victories started the rise of Indian Chess, thereafter it has been on the way up. Master players from the past like Fisher, Kasparov and Karpov are renowned for their skills and certainly played a key role in retaining the popularity of chess. Carlsen, Anish Giri, Caruana, and Nagamoto are present day players that show tremendous skills. Chess data bases and chess engines help these players form their strategy from openings to endgame; therefore, every move and every game is recorded, analysed and reviewed. Computers and software now play a very integral part in any professional preparing for a competitive tournament.

The Polgar sisters popularised women’s chess single-handedly; similarly, Tanya Sachdev and Koneru Humpy lead the Indian women’s chess challenge. Chess requires no physical qualifications, but in contrast, men and women continue to compete in different segments! That could change as more and more women take up the challenge!

The Game of Chess and Tactics

Chess is not a plain game, rather it is a war. Two sets of opposing pieces (coins) one in black and another in white are used. Pieces include pawns (soldiers), bishops (ministers), knights (horses), Rooks (elephants), a king and a queen. These pieces manoeuvre to gain upper hand until one side is check mated with no option but to surrender! Chess clocks are used to time the moves for the reason that a player has to complete a certain number of moves depending on the type of match he or she is playing.

Chess is very methodical game. Each move is recorded as a notation and there are billions of possibilities for each game. A chess game has three parts, opening, middle game and endgame. Chess has a huge bank of associated terms. Nimzo Indian and Ruy Lopez are two very popular openings. Pinning, gambit, skewer, en passant, doubled pawn, castling, stalemate are often used terms associated with chess, similarly you will also hear exotic sounding words like zugzwang and Bad Bishop and Chess 960! There are many tricks and tactics that are used to control the tempo of a game.

Chess T Shirts and other merchandise

Chess themed T shirts convey a great variety of messages. Some T shirts feature famous chess quotes like “Chess is the gymnasium of the mind” from Blaise Pascal. Some have funny slogans, puzzles, notations or a simple Chess T shirt with your name on it proclaiming “I love Chess.” Almost anything and everything can be put on a T shirt.

There are more choices in T shirts like unisex Tees, glow in the dark T shirts, sleeveless, full or half sleeved, couple T shirts round neck and V necks, raglan T shirts and the polos.

Other types include crop tops, T shirt dresses or long tops, hoodies and hooded sweatshirts.

From baby rompers and kids T shirts all the way to plus sized T shirts, chess themes are used everywhere.

Popular kids merchandise includes magic mugs, coffee mugs, sipper bottles besides badges and pin badges and notebooks that carry chess related designs and slogans.

The youth show their passion for chess with laptop sleeves, mobile covers posters, canvas prints and phone cases that have funny or quirky chess related themes. Even tea coasters can carry a funny chess related message!

Chess Sets

Chess has minimal accessories, a board and pieces, but even these accessories can be stylish and posh. Chess sets in all shapes and sizes made from various materials are available in the market. Exquisitely carved wooden pieces and functional sets made from plastic are available online. There are even magnetic chess sets for those who love to play the game while on the move! Playing with an elegant chess set certainly gives one a pleasure! It is also a style and attitude statement! Swag Swami regularly reviews the online market for products connected to our range and you can find our detailed review for popular chess sets available online and our picks based on budget and quality here