Gym and Fitness Motivation T Shirts – 100% Super Soft Cotton

We are not only what we wear (cool Swag Swami Gym T Shirts 🙂 ) but also what we make of ourselves! While we consider and follow this principle in our career and other interests, sadly, when it comes to our health we largely ignore that we are responsible for our own health.
One can make any amount of money with the right mix of skills, ambition, hard work and luck. But one cannot buy health with money or power. We have to take a conscientious effort to understand that our health is our biggest resource and work towards keeping ourselves fit and healthy.
A good healthy body houses an energetic and curious mind. Just like you can do things when you push your mind, the reverse is also true. You can put matter over mind!

Mind Over Matter – Fitness To Success

When you are not fit physically, your mind tends to vacillate and slow down. Doubts creep up about yourself and your others. You tend not to start new ventures or make new efforts and failure is often the result. On the other hand, if you are healthy the energy from your body flows to your mind and you are able to think fast, smart and often find ways to get things done and solve problems by making that extra effort. This is how, we at Swag Swami stay on top of our game and come up with new and creatively designed Gym Motivation T Shirts regularly.

Loss Of Motivation? Our Gym T Shirts Come to the Rescue

It is how we live that determines how long we live and how well we live!
The lifestyle of a modern urban educated adult is not conducive to physical activity. Gadgets and appliances have made physical labour redundant and commuting is almost always by personal transport. The modern adult is more of a cerebral worker with a sedentary lifestyle and dietary habits that cannot be supported by such a lifestyle. He or she is more of a tool user than a physical worker.
On the other hand, playgrounds, public places, water bodies and gardens are shrinking and making way for malls and residences. Even people who love an active outdoor lifestyle have to travel to enjoy these natural gifts.
But all is not lost! Where there is will and motivation, there is always a way. Swag Swami’s range of gym t shirts are designed to give you that little nudge of motivation. They help remind you of the more important things in life while also getting you pumped up for a great workout!

Gym’s – The Modern Temples of Motivation

The same technology that has made us sedentary has provided us with equipment that we can utilize to keep ourselves healthy. There is a gym around every corner and training in personal fitness is finding more and more takers. Personal fitness coaches with customized fitness plans are thriving. It is no wonder that Shilpa Shetty’s aerobics program CD is a top seller. Treadmills have effectively made up for the loss of playgrounds.

Stay Sensible

Whether we are serious body builders or just health conscious adults trying to keep ourselves fit, there is a choice for all of us (just like at Swag Swami’s gym T Shirts section) and if we choose to train to keep our body fit then the same technology becomes our friend from helping us work out to monitoring our heart rate, blood pressure and calories spent!
The key to good health lies in two parts; active exercise and sensible diet. For a normal adult, exercise should be regular and active enough to burn the calories consumed and it should be just enough calories that can be burnt in normal activity and exercise.

Walking and jogging (oh yes, we have walking and jogging themed t shirts too!) are excellent startup activities and gymming can follow if you are keen on further fitness. Avoiding junk food and high calorie food should be a good start to a responsible diet. Yoga, Zumba, aerobics, cardiac, team and individual sports & games and other workouts can be chosen based on one’s fitness quest.

Experience Does Matter – Just Like Our Gym T Shirts

Look for a gym with good equipment and ambience and knowledgeable trainers. Everyone is not going to train to be a body builder so it is important that your trainer understands your limitations, current health status and sets a reasonable goal for you; especially if you are in middle age. Get an opinion from your doctor on “dos & don’ts” and follow them religiously.
Accessories like wearable monitors and watches help track your progress and clothing has caught up with the trend of keeping healthy too. Gym wear, sportswear, exercise wear, T shirts in dry fit fabric, track pants and shorts, sleeveless T shirts, sweatshirts the variety of clothing available for exercising is humungous. Generally, exercise attire should allow good aeration, absorb sweat, and be light on the body if you are from a temperate or tropical climate and warm if you are from colder climates.
Footwear companies too have brought out state-of-the-art footwear to help avoid injuries and make workouts comfortable and enjoyable. The injuries to foot, heel and other parts of the leg have been greatly reduced by these innovations.

Sportswear For The Win

Here are some types of sportswear that you can pick from

T Shirts

These come in many styles. There are the regular round neck T shirts that come in many colours and fabrics. A round neck tee can also be with half sleeves, full sleeves or sleeveless. Some prefer V-neck T shirts.


These come with collars that are preferred by some.

Cropped T Shirts, T Shirt Dresses or Long Tops and Tank Tops

These are specially made for women and add a dash of fashion to utility wear!

Raglan T shirts

These are round neck or V-neck tees with full sleeves that are of a different colour. They look very attractive!

Hooded Sweat Shirts or Hoodies

These are ideal when you jog or walk outdoors in winter and offer a snug fit and ensure warmth is retained in the body.

Glow in the Dark T shirts

Kids love these and if your youngster is starting his/her fitness program early, these kids T shirts can ensure their interest level remains high.

Finally, stick to a simple program. Make workouts an enjoyable event and not a dreaded punishment! Be regular and good health will be your reward. Don’t forget to wear appropriate attire while you are at it!