ways to spice up your summer wardrobe

Summer is not probably everyone’s favorite season, but for fashion summer is a highpoint. New trends come out each year, and even though some crucial points like use of fabrics and bright colors stay pretty much the same, the details are what make it all so interesting. So, this summer, we are bringing some fun ways to spice up your wardrobe and create unique summer outfits.

Neon Footwear

The neon trend is still pretty popular, in both wardrobe and accessories. Our suggestion of incorporating neon into your summer outfits is to get neon sandals. Besides being comfortable and perfect for the beach, they are a chic way to spice up any look. Knee-length body dresses, denim shorts, or skirts paired with basic shirts are a pretty simple look, yet when you add these neon sandals, the whole outfit will look more fashionable. Sneakers are one more popular piece of footwear for summer, so why not get classic white sneakers with neon details that will make them stand out even more. The goal is to have fun, and neon colors are the way to do that.

Multipurpose Scarves

Many summer and beach looks include bandanas and scarves. One of the best choices is a silk scarf you can style in many different ways. For cool summer nights wear it around your neck with a shirt dress, or denim shorts and white strappy shirt. On the other hand, you can complete your beach look by wearing the same scarf around your head like a hairband. It is an easy way to keep your hair away from the face in the heat, and it also looks super cute and trendy. One more way to use it is to simply wrap it around your purse and add a bit of uniqueness to it, or wear it as a cover-up either at the beach or over a dress if there is a formal event you are attending.

Oversized Jewelry

Oversized, statement jewelry is popular each season. It is the easiest and fastest way to add something to your outfit and make it look elegant, fashionable, and interesting. Since animal print is also the hit of the season, you can incorporate that into your jewelry as well, and get statement earrings in beige with leopard details on them. They would go great with smart tailored, high-waisted shorts with a big belt and a simple cleavage shirt in beige color. High, messy bun and these earrings are all that you need. Or, you can go for other jewelry trends like tassels, hoops or half-moon drop earrings. Another good detail can be an oversized, shiny necklace that goes all around your neck. You can wear it for a formal occasion or to spice up any monochrome dress you are wearing. And since these dresses are also trendy, we have no doubt you will be able to combine the two.

Summer-Inspired Makeup

Ok, we are aware that makeup doesn’t mean spicing up your wardrobe, but you would be surprised how much a makeup look can add to each look. Since summer is all about tan and sun-kissed looks, you can start using a shimmery bronzer which will emphasize your tan even more. Don’t forget a golden highlighter to give you that perfect summer glow. Apply it on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and above your lip. One more important detail, which will make any outfit stand out, is a bright lip. So, don’t be afraid to use light lipstick colors, such as red, corals, or pinks.

Rattan bag

You have probably noticed whenever you open a fashion magazine or Instagram that models are wearing rattan bags. And you can’t deny it looks amazing. This little detail creates a tropical vibe perfect for summer. Cute little, white sundresses look great with a rattan bag and strappy sandals in the same color. Another outfit that goes great with it is an olive green, airy romper, which is comfortable and trendy. Each of these looks can look good with either flat sandals or wedges.

Summer-inspired fashion has no limits. Trends are coming and going, but there are always ways to spice up your wardrobe according to your personal style. As for everything else, details are what can bring together a whole outfit. So, try some of the suggestions listed above, and see how fresh your outfits look this summer!

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