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If you are a sportsperson, you’ll know the importance of proper footwear while playing. The performance of your game depends on the quality of your footwear. Good quality shoes cost more and if you take care of them well, you can actually buy a better pair and use for longer period thus enjoying the superior quality while keeping the costs low.

This article provides some great tips on how to take care of your badminton shoes.

Badminton shoes will last longer if you maintain and take care of them properly. If you fail to maintain your shoes they will wear out, lose traction and even start to smell bad. Moreover, it may harm your feet and cause injuries, blisters and bruises that may impact your game.

Badminton shoes can last between six months to two years. But the lifetime may vary on how you maintain and handle your badminton shoes.

 In this article, let’s see some tips to clean and maintain your badminton shoes so that they’ll last longer, perform better and stay fresh.

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How to Clean Your Badminton Shoes

Cleaning your badminton shoes regularly improves their lifetime. Here are some steps to clean your badminton shoes.

1. Get the cleaning items you need.

You can use the cleaning items like soap, shampoo, or detergent along with a brush, sponge or towel as per your wish.

2. Clean dirt and dust.

Your badminton shoes may contain dirt, dust and mud. Use a dry fabric or a brush to clean all the dirt. The brush is more efficient in cleaning as it reaches all the nooks and corners of the shoes easily.

3. Prepare the cleaning solution

Take lukewarm water and mix it with soap or detergent. This will give soapy water.

4. Prepare your shoes for cleaning

Remove laces and insoles from the shoes as we’ll clean them after some time.

5. Cleaning Process and Wiping

Soak the cloth, towel or sponge in soapy water and clean the dirt. Use a toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach areas like the shoe’s tongue.

After completing the cleaning process, rinse the cloth, towel or sponge with water and wipe the shoes.

6. Clean the Laces and Air dry

Prepare a solution by adding detergent or brighteners to hot water. Submerge the laces for 20 minutes and remove the laces. Rinse the laces and let them dry. Air-dry your shoes for a day inside the house.

How to Maintain Your Badminton Shoes


When you leave your shoes as it is after playing the match or practice, bad odour and dirt will build up in your shoes. Also, your shoes may get damaged or lose their shape. If you don’t maintain your shoes regularly, it’ll affect your performance too. Here are some tips to maintain your badminton shoes.

1. Clean your shoes after every match

After each use, clean properly to remove sweat, dirt and dust that has accumulated on your shoes. It will help prevent your shoes from stains and bad odours. You can sprinkle baking soda or keep tea bags inside your shoes that are effective at removing bad odours.

2. Air out your shoes

You may sweat excessively during the play. The insoles of your badminton shoes absorb all the sweat which can lead to unpleasant odours and infections. After every use, keep your shoes in a place where they can air dry. This will help in removing the smell and keep your shoes dry.

3. Use shoe trees

Use shoe trees to maintain the shape of your shoes for a long time. Insert shoe trees inside your shoes when you are not wearing them. Shoe trees can absorb moisture and keep your shoes fresh.

Shoe trees also help to prevent your shoes from folds and dents that can change the shape of your shoes. You can stuff newspaper or tissue paper to prevent your shoes from losing shape.

4. Store properly

 Store your badminton shoes in a cool, dry place when you are not using them. Don’t store your badminton shoes in direct sunlight which will result in wrinkling and discolouration.

5. Rotate your shoes

Rotating your badminton shoes can help in increasing their lifetime. Using the same pair of shoes every day can cause them to wear out faster, as the materials do not have time to recover between uses. By rotating your shoes, you give them enough time to dry and regain their shape.

6. Use shoe protectors

Using shoe protectors can prevent your shoes from scratches and damage. Shoe protectors give extra traction and prevent slips and falls.

7. Avoid wearing your shoes outside the court

Badminton shoes are designed for indoor use and are not suitable for outdoor surfaces. Wearing your badminton shoes can damage your soles.

8. Use nail polish remover

To remove the scratches use nail polish remover then apply Vaseline to protect your shoes.

We hope these tips help you to take care of your badminton shoes. Do you want to add more tips to this list? Let me know in the comments. We manufacture great badminton t shirts ourselves. Check them out too!


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