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The main difference between running and badminton shoes is the lack of lateral support in running shoes. Running relies heavily on the forward and backward movement of the foot. Badminton, however, has a variety of short sharp movements and turns which put an extremely high amount of lateral stress on the feet. Thus, badminton shoes are specifically designed to provide this much-needed lateral support to the feet during play.

Let us now explore the various questions you may be having regarding these two shoes and understand the answers.

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Running Shoes Vs Badminton Shoes FAQ

running shoes vs badminton shoes faq swag swami article

Can you use Badminton Shoes for Running?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Badminton shoes have soft non-marking soles that will get severely damaged when you run outdoors. In addition, badminton shoes aren’t designed to provide you the necessary cushioning required for a high-impact activity like running. This may result in knee pain and even knee injury.

Can you use Running Shoes for Badminton?

This is a definite NO! It can be extremely dangerous to use a running shoe when playing badminton. Running shoes are meant to provide cushioning and fore-aft support to your feet whereas badminton creates frequent lateral stress on your feet. Since your running shoes cannot handle this sharp lateral stress, your feet might buckle and twist resulting in a severe ankle injury.

Can we play badminton barefoot?

Yes, it is okay to play barefoot once or twice or as a beginner. However, it is highly recommended to get yourself a pair of good badminton shoes at the earliest. Badminton shoes will provide the necessary cushioning and support needed for short sharp turns, jumps, and lands you will be making during advanced play.

Why Non-Marking Shoes for Badminton?

This is so that the badminton court made of wood or rubber doesn’t get damaged or scratched. Normal shoes usually leave scratch marks on the playing surface whereas non-marking shoes are specifically designed with softer soles that don’t leave any marks.

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How do I know if my Badminton Shoes are Non-Marking?

Look for specific non-marking wordings on the sole of the shoes. Manufacturers usually print or emboss the words non-marking on non-marking soles. If no wordings are present, you can use the simple paper test. Take a piece of paper and press hard with the soles of your shoes on the paper. If no impressions are left on the paper, then your shoes are non-marking.

What is the price of nonmarking Badminton Shoes?

For beginners, non-marking badminton shoes are available starting from around Rs. 900. You can check out’s collection here. Good quality badminton non-marking shoes cost around Rs. 3000. The Lin Ning Ultra IV is a great choice!

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