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Best Coffee Makers That You Can Buy Online In India

Humanity Runs on Coffee!

That is an anonymous quote on the Internet and a bit exaggerated but most coffee drinkers will agree with the sentiment we feel.

Coffee is one of the most widely drunk beverage and has a long history and pedigree. It is in coffee houses of 19th century England that scientific discoveries were discussed and finer points of politics debated. In fact, every subject worth discussing had a coffee house that championed it and patrons who thronged to gain knowledge and dispense wisdom.

A coffee maker, is a device that helps you brew your cup of coffee just the way you want it. They range from simple, manual types to sophisticated machines that brew exotic varieties.

In this article we concentrate on some of the best coffee makers that you can buy online in India. We review their features, functions and costs so you can make the ideal purchase when you buy a coffee machine for your home or office.

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Types Of Coffee Makers

There are many types of coffee makers are available in the market. But, there are some of the most commonly used coffee makers are

  1. Drip coffee makers
  2. French press
  3. Espresso

Drip Coffee makers

Drip coffee makers are the most widely used by coffee enthusiasts. There are two types in drip coffee makers

  1. Automatic drip coffee maker
  2. Manual drip coffee maker

Automatic drip coffee maker

An automatic drip coffee maker is easy to use and comes with many features.  It Is widely used in homes and offices as it is easy to use and can brew a large volume of coffee in a single time. It consists of a chamber for water and a filter basket for coffee grounds. Fill the water and put coffee grounds in a filter basket to brew your coffee.

Manual drip coffee maker

Manual drip coffee maker is similar to automatic drip coffee maker except that you have to boil and pour the water for yourself and fill the coffee grounds in the coffee filter, then slowly coffee drains into the pot. This is also called a pour-over coffee maker. It can be used for a single serving purpose and can’t be used for larger volumes.

French press

French press coffeemaker looks like a glass mug. You have to mix hot water and coffee grounds directly together and allow the mixture to brew for four minutes. At last, put the lid which has a filter attached to it.

Now, just push the filter down to the bottom of the glass. By pushing like this all the coffee grounds at the bottom moves to the bottom of the device. This device gives more rich taste but, we need the practice to operate this efficiently.


Espresso offers thicker coffee than any other method and has a higher concentration. Finer coffee grounds should be used for this espresso maker.  Different types of coffee varieties can be brewed using this espresso maker. These coffee makers are mostly used in cafes by professional baristas. It is also an expensive one compared to other coffee makers.

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Review – Best Coffee Makers

Kitchen Mart Stainless Steel South Indian Filter Coffee Drip Maker 

Kitchen Mart Stainless Steel South Indian Filter Coffee Drip Maker, Madras Kappi, Drip Decotion Maker 201ml (2-4 Cup)
  Material: Stainless Steel
  Type: Filter Coffee Drip Maker
  Capacity: 150 ML
  Price: Under 500

Kitchen Mart is made of stainless steel and has a capacity of 150ml. It is best suitable for making South Indian filter coffee. This is easy to use, as it does not contain more parts in it. It is highly durable and budget-friendly, you can buy this at under 500 rupees.  Since it is stainless steel, it is easy to clean. It is a perfect coffee maker for the family.

Bison International Stainless Steel Press Coffee Maker 

Bison Wild Crafted Bison French Press Coffee And Tea Maker 600Ml With 4 Level Filtration System, Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass, (Silver, 600Ml)
  Material: Stainless Steel
  Type: Press Coffee Maker
  Capacity: 600 ML
  Price: Under 1500

Bison coffee maker is made of stainless steel and perfect for making espresso coffee. It consists of a four-level filtration and screen filters, so you get pure brew without coffee grounds. You can make fresh coffee without much hassle. You need not worry about rust, as it is made of high quality stainless steel. It is small and portable so it is easy to carry with you when you go out camping or on any picnic. The best part is that it can even be used in your office. It is BPA free and safe to use.

Preethi Cafe Zest Drip Coffee Maker 

Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 Drip Coffee Maker (Black), 31 Cup
  Material: Heat Resistant High Grade Plastic
  Type: Drip Coffee Maker
  Capacity: 500 ML
  Price: Under 2000

It is made of Heat Resistant High-Grade Plastic. It has a water level indicator, which helps to know the volume level and can calculate our needs easily. The anti-drip feature helps to avoid unnecessary dripping of coffee. It comes with a heat-sensitive thermal fuse and switch with a power indicator, thus providing high safety. It has a concealed 450W heating element for faster brewing.

Prestige Drip Coffee Maker 

Prestige PCMD 1.0 650-Watt Drip Coffee Maker, Multi Color
  Material: High Grade Plastic
  Type: Drip Coffee Maker
  Capacity: 500 ML
  Price: Under 2000

Prestige drip coffee maker is made of high-grade plastic. It comes with many features which include an anti-drip property, and an indicator to show the current water level. It is best suitable for making South Indian filter Coffee. Some of the other benefits include, it has advanced design filter, translucent water gauge, brew basket with lifter handle, glass carafe, anti-drip valve and steam vent.  

Philips Drip Coffee Maker 

Philips HD7431/20 760-Watt Coffee Maker (Black)
  Material: Plastic
  Type: Drip Coffee Maker
  Capacity: 500 ML
  Price: Under 3000

As we all know the brand quality of Philips for a long time. It always impresses us with its high quality and aesthetic design. This Philips drip coffee maker is another quality product from Philips and has many features like an Illuminated power switch, detachable filter holder and drip stop. Drip stop is highly helpful in interrupting the coffee whenever you like without any mess.

Morphy Richards Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker 

Morphy Richards New Europa 800-Watt Espresso and Cappuccino 4-Cup Coffee Maker (Black)
  Material: Plastic
  Type: Espresso and Cappuccino Drip Coffee Maker
  Capacity: 500 ML
  Price: Under 5000

It is one of the best-selling coffee makers in India. You can make espresso, cappuccino, and latte coffee using this coffee maker. It provides many useful features like milk frothing turbo cappuccino nozzle, Removable drip tray, Coffee strength selector, Heat Resistant carafe, Stainless steel two cup coffee filter. You can make a perfect espresso or cappuccino coffee right in your home. Illuminated on/off switch, A transparent glass carafe allows you to see the final output.

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Buying Guide – Coffee Makers


We should consider the requirements and economy before buying the coffee maker, as the price range may vary according to the requirements. So consider your requirements and then choose the coffee maker which is budget-friendly and efficient. 

 Ease of use

Coffee makers come with many features like alerts and other handy options and are easy to use, but the procedures may vary from one maker to another. So, all you have to do is just follow some procedures given in the manual.


Coffee makers with different capacities are available in the market. Brewing capacity of makers ranges from a single cup to multiple cups. Single-cup brewing coffee maker is suitable for individuals and families. Multi cup maker is suitable for larger families and it can make 3-5 cups at a time.


The most important factor to consider before buying a coffee maker is speed. Most of the automatic coffee maker brews quicker than the manual coffee makers. This kind of automatic coffee maker saves our time by brewing faster and can be served quickly.


Coffee makers should be easy to clean and maintain.  It comes with detachable jars and filters. Both the jars and filters should be cleaned often for the longevity of the coffee makers. So, while buying coffee makers make sure to check whether the parts are easily washable or not.   

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Coffee Maker FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Which Coffee Maker Is Best In India?

Morphy Richards and Philips are the best coffee makers in India.

Which Coffee Makers Are BPA Free?

Bison Coffee Makers are BPA free and are safe to use. 

Which Coffee Makers Keep Coffee Hot?

Coffee makers with thermal carafe keeps your coffee hot.

Can Coffee Makers Make Tea?

Yes, You can brew your tea in a countertop coffee maker in much the same way you brew your coffee.

Can Coffee Makers Make Iced Coffee?

Yes, you can make iced coffee with your french press or drip coffee makers.

Why Is Coffee Maker Slow?

Your coffee maker may function slowly due to two reasons

  1. Water clog
  2. Mineral build-up.

To protect your coffee maker from the above two, you must clean your coffee makers often.

Which Coffee Maker Makes The Strongest Coffee?

Espresso and French press makes the strongest coffee.


We explained the different types of coffee makers and reviewed six of the best to help you understand great buying choices. We hope this little guide has been of help in making a great buying decision. Now to that cup of the dark brown liquid that is the elixir of life! Have a great one!

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Swag Swami may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

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