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7 Best Cotton Candy Maker For Home Use In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

What is the memorable thing from childhood whenever we used to go to any carnival? It is Candy floss. Its colour, sweetness, and texture were amazing then. We used to wait each year for that carnival so that we could have our candies.

But now, things are different. With the high adulteration level, cotton candy is not safe for children. Talking about use, our taste has changed a lot, and this doesn’t match with the cotton candy available in the market. Don’t you think it would be amazing if we could make it at home with our choice of flavour, sweetness, and size? With the help of a cotton candy maker, you can make cotton candy of your type for yourself or your children at home.

What Is A Cotton Candy maker? – A Quick Intro

Cotton candy is a light, sweet, and fluffy candy, which resembles cotton wool. It has a unique fibrous texture. The candy made by melting a sugar floss and spinning it into fine strands. It is usually found in any carnival/fair. The candy just melts down in the mouth that makes it more tempting.

A cotton candy maker is a combination of a heater and a spinner. The heater melts the sugar. And the spinner converts flavoured sugar syrup into web stuff. This web, then, gets stuck to any stick or cone, and thus, we get our cotton candy. This candy is known popularly as candy floss.

The best part of having a cotton candy maker at home is getting customized candy for ourselves or our loved ones at home, even during this pandemic. This may help in spreading more positivity around.

Best Cotton Candy Maker – Quick Comparison

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Types Of Cotton Candy Maker

best cotton candy maker for home use in india types swag swami article

Cotton candy makers are basically of two types: one used for commercial purposes and another one used for home purposes. Usually, the first type comes in cart form and the latter in compact form.


The look of a cart-style cotton candy maker is very famous. It is quite similar to that which you usually see at any carnival/fair. It has wheels attached which makes the candy maker movable. Sometimes it comes with a storage drawer for keeping sugar, sticks, and other supplies. These cart-type cotton candy maker machines are large, heavy, and costlier. Therefore, they are preferred for commercial use. 


Other than cart style, compact style candy makers are always available. They do not have any wheels or legs. It is preferred for home use or to create a carnival-type feel at a gathering or party. Its size is usually small and is much more affordable than the former one. But it doesn’t have any storage space. Also, it gets heated up fast. On the Indian shopping website, a compact type cotton candy maker is more available. This compact style also has some versions, depending on the availability, shape, and size of anti spluttering cover (which they offer to protect from unnecessary spillage).

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Top Cotton Candy Maker Brands In India

Both premium brands and local brands offer cotton candy maker machines. There is not much difference in the price of the cotton candy machine they offered. But quality varies. Some offer high quality at a high price, and some offer moderate quality at a low price. So to buy a home cotton candy maker machine, you should have a proper balance among quality, brand, and price.


It is known to offer high-quality products. The product they offer doesn’t have a wide range. They are limited to a few but good quality products. The price of products varies from high to medium level. They are known to have a long satisfied customer list.

Jig’s Mart

The electric equipment from this brand is of good quality, and at the same time, they are budget-friendly. Apart from the cotton candy maker, it offers other kitchen equipment like an electric hand mixer, a handy chopper, a high-pressure water spray gun for car wash, and so on. 


This is again a pocket-friendly brand with many utility products like handbag organizers, steamers for clothes, cotton candy makers, and so on. They are known to fulfil the needs of customers of all age groups.


They offer different types of innovative products like collapsible water bottles, portable USB juice makers, etc. The cotton candy machine is one such product. In addition, they offer high-quality products at relatively higher prices.

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Top Cotton Candy Maker In India

When selecting the best cotton candy maker for the home in India, there are many factors which you should consider, such as the material of the machine, cooling mechanism, spillage prevention, safety, material which the machine would take to make floss (sugar or hard candies), price, portability and so on. It can be a tiresome task to do it all alone. But you don’t have to worry because we have curated a list of the seven best home cotton candy makers in India just for you.

HAPYSA Electric Cotton Candy Machine 

HAPYSA Electric Cotton Candy Machine Sugar Floss Maker Machine - With 10 Candy Cones & Scooper, Make Hygienic Cotton Candy for Your Kids at Home (Multi Color)
  Material: PP+Stainless steel
  Wattage: 400W 
  Dimensions: 26*26*18 Centimeters
  Weight: 600 grams
  Included Components: 1*cotton candy maker, 1*Sugar spoon, 10*Candy floss Sticks
  Anti-sputtering Cover: yes
  Key Switch: yes
  Ideal for: Wedding celebrations, all kinds of parties including birthdays, your Sunday barbecues with friends; you get the idea! If there is an occasion to celebrate with friends, here is a quick and tasty treat on hand!
  Budget: under Rs 2000

With the help of this cotton candy maker, you can make your favourite street food, i.e. commercial floss, at home. You can use sugar or hard candy or sugar-free candy for making cotton candy at home. By adjusting the seasoning, candy floss can be customized. To have extra stability, it contains suction cup feet. It saves time by using its quick heat technology. This candy maker works 30% faster in comparison to the traditional cotton candy maker. It is advised not to use this personal cotton candy maker machine for more than 20 minutes at a time. A ten minutes break would be sufficient for a smooth operation. To have extra stability, it contains suction cup feet.

Prakal Candy Floss Maker 

Prakal 220V 450W Candy Floss Makers Electric Cotton Candy Machine Sugar Mini Portable Cotton Sugar Floss Machine for Kids (multi color)
  Material: food-grade plastic material
  Wattage: 450W 
  Dimensions: 21*24.5*18 Centimeters
  Weight: 600 grams
  Included Components: 1*candy floss maker, 1*sugar spoon, 10*Bamboo Sticks
  Anti-sputtering Cover: yes
  Key Switch: yes
  Ideal for: birthdays, party, wedding, new year eve!
  Budget: under Rs 2000

With just a little amount of sugar, you can have a fun-filled evening with this home cotton candy maker. The mechanism is very simple. First, the machine will heat up, and then the central head will begin to spin. This will force the liquid sugar through its time perforations. Threads of sugar will form, which instantly gets cooled and resolidified. From the collection bowl, you can collect a sugar web. This personal candy floss maker is designed in a kitchen-friendly style that looks bright and colourful.

  Material: food-grade plastic material
  Wattage: 500W 
  Dimensions: 27.8*26.8*13.7 Centimeters
  Weight: 600 grams
  Included Components: 1*cotton candy maker, 9*Candy Sticks
  Anti-sputtering Cover: yes
  Key Switch: yes
  Ideal for: party, wedding, new year eve
  Budget: under Rs 2000

You can use this cotton candy maker to make candy floss at home using sugar. Instead of sugar, you can use your favourite hard candies to make your candy floss. You just need to warm up the unit and add flossing sugar. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble. Cleaning this cotton candy maker is also easy. It is portable as it is lightweight and compact. You can set up this cotton candy maker machine on any tabletop surface.

Whixant Cotton Candy Making Machine 

Whixant Cotton Candy Machine Cotton Candy Maker Hard Candy, Sugar Free Candy, Sugar Floss, Homemade Sweets for Birthday Parties - Includes 10 Candy Cones & Scooper
  Material: food-grade plastic material
  Wattage: 450W 
  Dimensions: 21*24.5*18 Centimeters
  Weight: 600 grams
  Included Components: 1*candy floss maker, 1*spoon, 10*Bamboo Sticks, and user manual in English
  Anti-sputtering Cover: yes
  Key Switch: yes
  Ideal for: birthdays, party, wedding, new year eve
  Budget: under Rs 1800

With just a little amount of sugar, you can have a fun-filled evening with this home cotton candy maker. The mechanism is very simple. First, the machine will heat up, and then the central head will begin to spin. This will force the liquid sugar through its time perforations. Threads of sugar will form, which instantly gets cooled and resolidified. From the collection bowl, a sugar web can be collected. This personal candy floss maker is designed in a kitchen-friendly style that looks bright and colourful.

Fing Cotton Candy Machine 

Fing Cotton Candy Machine for The Home (Multicolour)
  Material: -NA
  Wattage: – 450W
  Dimensions: 15*12*10 Centimeters
  Weight: 550 grams
  Included Components: 1*cotton candy maker, 1*spoon, Bamboo Sticks
  Anti-sputtering Cover: yes
  Key Switch: yes
  Ideal for: Parties, Charities, Fundraisers, and Sporting Events
  Budget: under Rs 1700

This home cotton candy maker takes few minutes to get sugar sweets spinning. Sugar floss or hard candies, or anything can be used to make candy floss using this portable cotton candy maker. Lightweight and small size is its added feature. With this cotton candy maker, you can make fresh carnival-style candy floss at home. It comes with a spoon to make the process more hassle-free. The sugar thread thus formed gets cooled at the instant when it hits the air. They, then, get resolidified, causing a web of sugary threads in the collection bowl.

Jig’s Mart Cotton Candy Maker Machine 

JIG'sMART Cotton Candy Maker Machine Electric Candy Floss Maker Machine With Sugar with Detachable Splash Guard + Sugar Spoon+ 10 Bamboo Sticks for Kids (Multicolor)
  Material: PP food-grade material
  Wattage: 450W 
  Dimensions: 16*12*12 Centimeters
  Weight: 899 grams
  Included Components: 1*cotton candy maker, 1*sugar spoon, 10*Bamboo Sticks
  Anti-sputtering Cover: yes
  Key Switch: yes
  Ideal for: children’s birthday party, garden party or new year eve
  Budget: under Rs 1600

This home cotton candy maker comes with high-quality quartz heating. It has better thermal conductivity due to the presence of a magnetic heat pipe. Its suction feet give it a high level of stability. This helps in maintaining stable temperature and thus, can be used continuously. Its cleaning process is again quite easy. The working principle is almost the same as the other products. After heating the machine, it rotates the sugar into a bunch of fluffy candy floss. This cheap cotton candy maker machine will help you bring the feeling of fair/carnival to your home.

  Material: Plastic
  Wattage: – 450W
  Dimensions: 21*24.5*18 Centimeters
  Weight: 600 grams
  Included Components: 1*cotton candy maker, 1*sugar spoon, 10*Bamboo, 2* pack candy floss sugar
  Anti-sputtering Cover: yes
  Key Switch: yes
  Ideal for: Parties, Charities, Fundraisers, And Sporting Events
  Budget: under Rs 1600

This home cotton candy maker has a heat pipe for better thermal conductivity and temperature stability. This ensures the possibility of its continuous use. You can relive your childhood days or make a memorable moment for your children using this candy floss machine. Since it is powered by electricity, not by oil or gas, it is much safer and more comfortable. This personal cotton candy maker machine is meant for home use only. You did not need to worry about its installation as it is quite easy to use.

Commercial VS Home Cotton Candy Maker 

 CommercialHome Cotton Candy Maker
Weight (approx)15 kg~650 grams
Dimensions (approx) in cms60*60*4221*24*18
Adulteration level in the resulted Cotton candyHighNegligible
Control over ingredientsNoYes
Material of bodyMostly SteelMostly Plastic
Skills neededTraining is neededEasy to use
Ideal forSpecial occasions like carnivalsAnytime
Price(approx)Rs 15,000Rs 2,000

Are Cotton Candy Makers Worth Buying?

Usually, the home cotton candy maker comes under Rs. 2000. Let’s see what it offers in this budget. You can convert your home parties instantly into a carnival. You can make a variety of cotton candy within a few minutes. For elders, you can even make sugar-free cotton candies. It would be party time for a full family together. You can relive your old childhood days again.

Even during this pandemic, you can enjoy a lot with these personal cotton candy maker machines at home without going outside. This may be considered as another way of spreading positivity around.

Now it’s up to you to decide whether it is worth buying or not. 

Who needs a Cotton Candy Maker?

Let’s see the cases in which you may need a cotton candy maker:

  • When you have kids
  • When you are going to organize a party/gathering
  • You have a fondness for sweets!
  • When you want to gift someone who has kids
  • When you want to gift someone having a sweet tooth
  • It is a great way to relive your childhood days.
  • When you want to generate income with minimal investment.

How Does Cotton Candy Machine Work?

The working of this home cotton candy maker is very simple (depending upon the machine you buy). Some may have a control panel to control the voltage and temperature level. If this is your case, then first understand that panel through the instruction manual given.

As a first step, you need to assemble the machine you buy and check whether the connection is proper or not. Then check whether you have all the necessary components or not. You can read the user manual to do so.

After completing the background steps, here are the necessary steps which will help you in understanding the working of a cotton candy machine:

  • Start your cotton candy maker machine.
  • Let it heat up for a few minutes. Usually, It wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.
  • Add an adequate amount of ingredients to the machine. The ingredients can be sugar, hard candies, or any similar thing depending upon the candy maker machine you have.
  • Eventually, the sugary web will start forming in the collection bowl.
  •  Let this web transversely lay on the stick by spinning the stick around the bowl. Give some time to get the desired shape and size of your candy floss.
  • Your fluffy candy floss is ready at home.

(Don’t forget to clean the entire unit after its use. Make sure to follow the instructions as mentioned in the user manual )

How To Maintain Your Cotton Candy Machine?

This is the fun part of these cotton candy makers. They don’t need much maintenance. You just have to clean it properly after using it. Bowls can be washed like a normal bowl manually or in a dishwasher.

The only care you need to take is to avoid the continuous use of these portable cotton candy maker machines at a time. It would be better to have a 10-15 minutes break in between to avoid unnecessary heating.

You can read the user manual to get a clear idea about its cleaning process. For example, some machines may require some extra care, while some can be cleaned using just water.

Strange Facts about Cotton Candy

  • The most astonishing fact about cotton candy is that a dentist invented it. In 1897, William Morrison, a dentist, teamed up with a Tennessee candy maker, John Wharton, to create this cotton candy. They premiered it in 1908 at the World’s Fair. At that time, the price of cotton candy was 25 cents only.
  • Cotton Candy is considered to be healthier than most desserts. Cotton candy consists of only two ingredients- coloured sugar and air. This means there is no fat content at all in it.
  • The United States established 7th December as the ‘National Cotton Candy Day.
  • Threads of Cotton Candy are very thin. In fact, they are thinner than a human hair.
  • Another fact is that this sweet candy is called by different names in different parts of the world. It is ‘Candy Floss’ in Great Britain, India, South Africa, and Pakistan. ‘Fairy Floss’ in Australia and New Zealand. ‘Daddy’s Beard’ in France. ‘Old Ladies’ Hair’ in Greece.

How Sugar Gets Converted Into Cotton Candy?

This is a chemical process. First, sugar is melted, and molten sugar is formed. Then the spinning process begins with a strong force. The molten sugar is then cooled rapidly. The molecules of sugar don’t get much time to reorganize themselves as crystals. Thus, a non-crystalline candy is formed, which we call ‘cotton candy.

Benefits Of A Cotton Candy Maker

Having such type of personal cotton candy maker at home has several benefits, like:

  • Healthy homemade sweets can be made.
  • Unlike other sweets, candy floss takes only a few minutes with these personal cotton candy makers.
  • Variation of size and flavour is possible.
  • No need to go outside or wait for carnival time to have cotton candies.
  • Children will enjoy this home party.
  • Sugar-free candy floss is also possible.
  • It will give you a chance to relive your childhood days.
  • This cotton candy maker will quickly light up your party with a variety of cotton candies.
  • It can be treated as a perfect gift for children.
  • It will make the child inside you come out and have fun.

What Can You Put In A Cotton Candy Machine As Ingredient

Usually, these machines are designed to handle granulated sugar. But, some of the machines have the capability of making cotton candy from hard candies. This makes the variation in flavour possible. In fact, this can also help in making sugar-free cotton candy by using sugar-free hard candies.

There are a few candies that you should not use as an ingredient in the cotton candy maker. Examples of such candies include chewy candies, gummy candies, gum, ball-shaped candies, candies with hard sugar shells, sugar pressed candies, powdered drink packets, and so on.

Sugar of different flavours and colours is also available in the market. In fact, you can do so on your own at home. There are many such recipes on the Internet. You just need to add edible dye ( to add colour) and a few drops of essence of your choice flavour in sugar.

You can read the user manual to come with your cotton candy maker to know exactly what type of ingredient you can use and what you cannot use.

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How To Choose Cotton Candy Maker Brands In India – Buying Guide

best cotton candy maker for home use in india buying guide swag swami article

Despite its simple design and simple work, there are some factors which you should consider before buying these cotton candy maker machines for home or for gifting someone else or for any commercial use. So let’s have a look at them:


As we already know that Cotton candy makers come in either cart-style or compact style. The difference you can see from above. For home or small parties, choose compact-style machines.


A Cotton candy maker comes in a wide variety of sizes. This you can see from the above data. The commercial ones are larger than the home candy maker.  

Now, consider a compact-style cotton candy maker machine. Since you will be using it at home and have to roll the sugary web to stick, so apart from the space of the cotton candy maker, you will need a little extra space. Therefore, we can say that the size of the cotton candy maker should be according to the available space. 

Also, for the cooling mechanism, you should have some extra space around the machine. Thus, selecting the cotton candy maker based on its size is very important.


Your purpose should be very clear. If you want the cotton candy maker for commercial use, go for big heavy-duty machines. They are designed to make candy floss at a fast speed. They don’t need many breaks in between the process. The power they need in doing so will be large. But they will help you in meeting the bulk orders without getting overheated.

If you just want it for yourself or your family or loved ones, go for the compact-style candy maker. They are not very large. They are easy to use. But they may get overheated due to continuous use. They can be used for a small party/gathering.


The working of these portable cotton candy makers includes two things: 

  1. Melting of sugar (which involves heat generation), and
  2. Spinning (which converts the melted sugar into the web).

So the possibility of a high net heat generation is high.

Mostly the personal cotton candy makers are of high-quality food-grade plastic, which is essential. Considering the health of children and others, it is very important to have high-grade plastic as the material. The reason behind this is that the machine will heat up, and you don’t want that plastic to melt or add unnecessary things to our specially designed candy floss.

Since the commercial candy makers are used continuously for long periods, more heat is generated. In such cases, plastic will not be able to survive. So here we have steel as a material against high temperatures. Moreover, using steel increases its durability.


As mentioned above, the basic working of cotton candy makers includes heating and spinning. Both these processes take a lot of power wattage. The more the power wattage, the more will be your electricity bill. So, while buying any electric equipment, it is always important to consider its power rating because we don’t want electricity bills to interfere with our fun.


Usually, the accessories you get with these home cotton candy maker machines are sticks and a spoon. This spoon is used to add the perfect amount of sugar in a way that you stay away from the heat. No need to have any additional measuring cup/spoon. The sugar web developed is then rolled to the sticks. In some cases, these sticks may be of plastic, and in some cases, they may be bamboo sticks. Instead of sticks, some machines give you more nostalgic cones. Some cotton candy makers come with sugar floss also. So depending on your requirement, you can select your personal cotton candy maker.

When it comes to commercial cotton candy makers, accessories are not fixed. Instead, they may give extra parts for replacement (if needed) or some lubricating oil for the spinner, or some free maintenance services. Sometimes, they may give you an umbrella-type shed cover to complete the look. 

Ease Of Use

If you are not using the commercial candy maker, using these personal cotton candy makers is very simple. Their installation is also quite easy. If you have any doubt, then select that candy maker, which comes with the instruction manual.

And if you are using commercial ones, you may need the training to understand the whole process. Commercial candy makers come with many controls like voltage control and temperature control. You can understand the need for various controllers either through a user manual or through some proper training.


The material of the cotton candy maker should be of high quality to avoid any harm to people around. The heat generated due to its continuous use for a long time may harm the machine’s interior. The preferred material for a home candy floss maker is high-quality food-grade material. In the case of commercial machines, the preferred material is stainless steel.

Ingredients Used

Depending upon your requirement of ingredients, you can select your perfect cotton candy maker. Sugar floss is usually used in all types of candy maker machines. Some can use hard candies also, and some others can use sugar-free candies. If you are not sure which one to buy then go for that machine which can use almost all.


If you want to make cotton candies during a picnic or any outside event, make sure the cotton candy maker you will buy is portable. 

The portability also includes its weight factor. If it is heavy, then it can not be used for outside events. Carrying it to the event will be an issue if it is heavy. Also, prefer that one that has a plug wire of comparatively longer length if using for an outside event.

Cart-style cotton candy makers are usually large and are comparatively heavy. But they are portable due to the presence of wheels. In compact-style machines, there is no wheel. But their size is comparatively smaller, and so is their weight. This helps in increasing its portability.

Heating Time

The usual healing time for a compact-style cotton candy maker machine lies in the 30s-45s if you are using sugar as an ingredient. This range will vary depending upon the ingredient you choose and the type of cotton candy maker you have. This heating time will play a very important role in determining the number of people who can be served at that party. Higher this time, less the number of people you can invite.  


Since the cotton candy maker machine consists of a spinner, its silent operation would be a little difficult. Although some of the machines from premium brands offer less noise operation, this will increase the total overall cost. Other affordable cotton candy makers produce less noise. If you plan to use it near a hospital or any such area, then go for a total silent machine. You just have to select that one that produces noise to a bearable level. If the noise level is high, then your party will get disturbed a lot. 


If you use a home cotton candy maker for a big event, you should select the one with less heating and cooling time. For a gathering of 15-20 people, a cotton candy maker, with sugar as the only ingredient, should typically have heating time in the range of 30s-45s with 10 minutes break after each cycle. This is just approximate data that can give us which rough idea about which cotton candy maker machine we should buy.

If the number of people to be served is quite large, it would be better to go for a commercial candy maker.


It is always advisable to select equipment that has a higher safety level, especially when using it near children. The heating element can get damaged due to excess heat resulting in maloperation. So prefer one with a good heating element inside. 

Also, for ease of operation and from the point of safety, pick one which has an on/off switch. Also, the one with suction feet will be more stable during the spinning operation. Again in spinning, there are chances of a spill, so from the safety point of view, pick a cotton candy maker with an anti-sputtering cover.

Care & Maintenance

Having cotton candies at home is fun. But, it is equally important that you clean your personal cotton candy maker after each use.

Although, a commercial cotton candy maker doesn’t need frequent cleaning. You just need to clean it in the beginning and then in the end. Then, if it needs more, you can do the cleaning between the day or as you feel.

So, while buying the machine, don’t forget to check the cleaning procedure. Some machines may require some specialized tools. On the other hand, you can clean others with a cloth or hot water.


After selling you the product, the company’s role is not finished. Warranty is just another way of maintaining this relationship. It is always better to buy products with a warranty as this makes the product more reliable. In addition, some companies offer support even after the sale of their products. Support may be in the form of live chat, email, telephone, or replacement facility, regular maintenance facility, and so on. All this makes the experience of using the product better.

Usually, the commercial ones come with a warranty or better support. The replacement of their parts or their repairing is also possible. But this is not the case with compact-style type machines. Their repair is difficult due to the scarce availability of their replacement parts. And there is not much support for them from the company.


From the list mentioned above, we can see various cotton candy makers. Some are premium brands; some are regular and budget-friendly. The commercial candy makers are costlier than those used at home. Select the one that serves your purpose and that, at the same time, is under your budget with all the above-specified characteristics.

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Cotton Candy Maker – Frequently Asked Questions 

best cotton candy maker for home use in india faq swag swami article

Let’s take a look at the frequently asked questions about cotton candy makers. 

Does a home cotton candy maker machine need to be assembled?

 Yes, Most cotton candy machines need to be assembled! However, you can easily install it and use it successfully in 2 minutes! You can refer to the user manual for full details of installation.

How hot does the heating element get?

In the process of using the home cotton candy machine, the internal element will heat the sugar. Therefore, the machine will generate a high temperature. Do not touch the inside of the cotton candy maker while the machine is working to prevent scalding.

Can cotton candy makers be used for a long time?

It is not recommended that you use the home cotton candy maker machine for a long time. Please turn off the machine for 5-15 minutes after making one round of candy floss. This will prevent the machine from being fired or shut down unexpectedly due to high temperatures. However, you can continuously use commercial candy makers for a long time. It is designed to run for long hours.

How to clean a cotton candy maker machine after its use?

You can use a damp cloth to gently wipe the surface of the home cotton candy machine after each use. Warm water can be used to clean the sugar bin. For commercial machines, you may need some specialized tools. You can refer to the user manual for the proper cleaning process.

Is there a heating adjustment button on the cotton candy machine?

No heating adjustment button is available for compact-style machines. It takes a few minutes to warm up, and then it is ready to make great cotton candy for everyone to enjoy. However, commercial candy makers do have heat and voltage controllers.

How much sugar do we have to add to a home cotton candy maker?

To make one small cone of candy floss, you have to add approximately one spoon of sugar to the cotton candy maker machine.

Do we need to clean the cotton candy maker when switching between flavours of candy/sugar?

No! you can work without cleaning them when switching flavours of candy/sugar.

How loud is a cotton candy maker?

Yes, it is loud/noisy but up to a bearable limit only.

Is a home cotton candy maker machine good for large parties? 

It takes a little time for a gathering of 15 people, but this time is worth it. But after it heats up (5 minutes for hard candy), you can continue to make them one after another. So maybe it will take more time for large parties.

Can we make cotton candy with regular sugar using a personal candy floss maker?

Yes, you can use regular sugar to make cotton candy.

How to make flower-shaped candy using a cotton candy maker?

Making a flower-shaped candy is more about the technique of the operator/person than the candy maker machine itself. However, you can search on the Internet to know some good and easy techniques for doing so.

Do home cotton candy makers run on battery or electricity?

Usually, the home cotton candy makers run on electricity.

Can we make cotton candy ahead of time for a party using a home cotton candy maker machine?

You can make the cotton candy in advance. It’s just that, in that case, you will need an airtight container to store. Please store in a cool and dry place. You can even use a zip lock bag for this.

Are these home cotton candy making machines made in India?

No. They are made in China.


Candy floss is very common in any carnival in India. But it is very rare when it comes to making at home. It would be fun not only for children but for you also. But at the same time, you need to be very careful while buying cotton candy makers because children love it, and we all know how unpredictable they are. On the other hand, the commercial candy makers involve less investment and give more output. They have all the basic safety features. Still, you should select according to your requirements.

In my opinion, Jig’s Mart Cotton Candy is a good option as it gives a budget-friendly product without making much compensation for its quality. You can check its rating and review it on the Internet. Although other options are also good, I find this one a little bit better.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Swag Swami may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

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