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10 Best Dog Foods in India – A Quick Buying Guide

Given below is a brief summary of dog food types, brands, and specialities of various types of dog food available in the country which has been subdivided by brand, with features of each product in a systematic list. Included below are details of the breeds of dogs for which the range of products is ideal, along with descriptions of the various special conditions a dog might have and the dog food which may cater specifically to their needs. All of the products listed are available on

Best Dog Foods – A Quick Comparison

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Types of Dog Foods

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There is a vast range of dog food products on the market to feed both domesticated as well as stray dogs. For general convenience, we can group them into the following categories – 

Dog Biscuits

Dog biscuits are a supplement to the dog’s diet. They are hard in texture, providing exercise to the dog’s jaws and promoting canine oral hygiene. These biscuits are generally considered a type of snack food for a dog. Various brands across India sell dog biscuits. It is a dry part of the dog’s diet.

Wet Dog Food

Wet dog food has a more mushy consistency and a smell that makes it more palatable for dogs. The formula is generally better suited to puppies (who tend to be picky eaters) as compared to dry dog food or kibble. Dehydration can be a problem in dogs, but the natural water content of wet dog food is higher, which resolves that issue. This type of dog food also tends to be less processed than other types – making it have more nutrients in their natural form.

Semi-moist Dog Food

Semi-moist dog food has about 60-65% water by weight, making it more expensive than dry dog food. It still retains the advantages mentioned above – it is more hydrating as well as easier to digest nutrients than drier types of dog food. However, this type of dog food contains more preservatives, as well as a higher concentration of salts and sugars, which can make it unfit for some dogs.

Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food is also known as kibble. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Dogs today use and consume this type of dog food most commonly. This is easy to feed to dogs, as we can ration the portion sizes based on the dog’s needs. While this type of dog food can lead to dehydration if the dog’s water intake is limited, it still provides proper nutrition (carbohydrates, proteins, and fibre) to the dog. Dogs chew dry kibble, which is better for the dog’s oral health than wetter varieties.

Canned Dog Food

Canned dog food has mostly water by weight. This allows dogs to enjoy larger portion sizes of the food without having to compromise on health. The dogs usually prefer the taste of canned dog food over kibble. However, this type of dog food is not always freshly prepared and may contain a large number of preservatives. 

Food for Puppies

Puppy food is made specifically for growing puppies. You should feed puppy food to your puppies rather than adult dog food. The fact that the puppy is still growing is a significant consideration in choosing the ingredients for puppy food. This puppy food contains 22.5% protein, as compared to adult dog food, which has a protein content of roughly 18%.

Vegetarian Dog Food

This is an option to consider when deciding your dog’s diet. Many Indians are vegetarians, meaning they may have qualms about feeding meat to their dogs. Luckily, it is quite possible to sustain a dog on a vegetarian or vegan diet as well. Also, many dogs suffer from meat-induced allergies, such as fleas or rashes. A vegetarian dog diet can eliminate this problem. However, we should keep in mind that a dog’s natural diet includes meat, meaning the switch to a vegetarian diet may lead to a lack of supply of protein or any other essential nutrients.

Top Dog Food Brands in India

Meat Up 

This is a famous brand in India. The dog food they produce is healthy and quite palatable for dogs.


This brand is famous in India as well as abroad. It is slightly costlier, but still in the affordable range. The feed is quite palatable to dogs and healthy as well.


This brand has become well known as a puppy food manufacturer.

Royal Canin

Although quite popular, many critics suspect this brand to be of a lower grade. However, it is quite tasty to dogs and affordable.


The brand has a premium feel and is the most luxurious and top-notch Indian brand. However, it is also the most costly.

Taste of the Wild

This brand is known for unique compositions of dog food which are generally not restricted to the standard combination of meat and grain.


The calcium supplements which this brand produces are seen to be quite effective.


The cheapest brand of dog food in India, it is of good quality. However, it is light and may require you to serve your dog multiple helpings.

Top Dog Food Products in India 

Meat Up Puppy Dog Food 

Meat Up Puppy Dry Dog Food, Chicken Flavor, 1.2 Kg (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
  Type: Dry dog food
  Quantity: 2.4kg ( 1.2 kg for each pack)
  Ideal Age Range: Puppies for both small and large breeds (10-46 kg)
  Breed: It works for all types of breeds
  Budget: Under Rs 300

Meat Up is a dry dog food for puppies of all breeds and sizes. It contains a nutritious formula with a focus on the dog’s health and wellbeing. It comes in a reasonable price range, making it relatively inexpensive compared to some of the more premium brands. This dog food is meat-based, which makes it appealing to the carnivorous nature of most dogs. It is suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs.

Its primary disadvantage is that it is a form of kibble, meaning dogs whose primary diet consists of meat Up dog food will require you to feed your dog a separate bowl of water. It is typically sold in 1.2 kg bags.

Pedigree Wet Dog Food 

Pedigree Vital Protection Adult Wet Dog Food , Lamb in Jelly, 12 Pouches (12 x 100g)
  Type: Wet dog food.
  Composition: Lamb in Jelly.
  Quantity: One pack contains 12 pouches of 100 grams each.
  Ideal Age Range: Adults.
  Breed: All breeds.

This product is made primarily of lamb chops with gravy. It provides the necessary nutrients for a dog, for general bone and muscle growth, and is ideal for all dog breeds. The texture is wet, which takes care of hydration and makes the food highly palatable and is optimized for the growth of the dog’s bones and muscles. It comes in a set of pouches. Its main disadvantage is the relatively high price.

Pedigree Dry Dog Food 

Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food, Meat & Rice Flavour, 3kg Pack
  Type: Dry dog food
  Quantity: One pack (3kg)
  Ideal Age Range: Adults
  Breed: Ideal for German Shepards, Golden Retriever, Pugs, Beagle to Labrador
  Budget: Under Rs 600

The dry version of Pedigree Dog food is ideal for Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Pugs, Beagles, and German Shepherds. It has high iron and calcium content and comes in a 3kg pack. It is quite tasty for dogs as well. Both varieties of Pedigree dog food are suited to adult dogs. 

Drools Absolute Calcium Sausages 

Drools Absolute Calcium Sausage, Dog Supplement, 25 Pieces, 1.4 kg
  Type: Dry dog food
  Quantity: One pack
  Ideal Age Range: All ages
  Breed: All breeds.
  Budget: Under Rs 700

This is a dry dog food that contains calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, along with a variety of essential vitamins. It comes in packs of small pouches and is ideal for all ages and breeds of dogs. It is also suitable for the growth of puppies.

However, it has low water content and is biased towards nutrients and elements which facilitate growth, making it better as a complimentary formula.

It is also available in a 3kg pack.

Taste Of the Wild Dry Dog Food 

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food Pacific Stream Puppy (Smoked Salmon) 2-Kg (Pack of 1)
  Type: Dry dog food
  Quantity: One pack (2 kg)
  Ideal Age Range: All Life Stages
  Breed: All breeds.
  Budget: Under Rs 2000

This is a dry dog food that is mostly grain-free. It contains meat and a meat-based composition and is ideal for a variety of breeds and sizes of dogs. It is rich in nutrients, especially proteins. The range of meats and ingredients used in this dog food makes it a unique brand. However, it can be quite costly.

Purepet Chicken and Milk Puppy Food 

Purepet Dog Dry Food Combo of Chicken and Milk, 2.2 kg & Fish and Rice, 2.2 kg (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
  Type: Dry dog food
  Quantity: One pack (2 kg)
  Ideal Age Range: Puppies of up to 12 months.
  Breed: All breeds.
  Budget: Under Rs 600

It is a dry dog food formulated for puppies. The composition consists of milk and chicken, and it provides the essential nutrients for enhanced growth. It comes in 2kg packs.

Ideal Age Range: Puppies of up to 12 months. It is suitable for all dog breeds. It is excellent for the maintenance of bone and muscle general health due to its protein and calcium composition. Its meat-based nature makes it well-tailored to carnivores. This also makes it quite palatable to dogs. The price is reasonable, as well. However, it lacks some vitamins, making it just short of the ideal nutritional package.

Chappi Dog Food 

Chappi Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Rice Flavour, 20kg Pack
  Type: Dry dog food
  Quantity: 20kg
  Ideal Age Range: Adult Dogs
  Breed: It works for all types of breeds..
  Budget: Under Rs 3000

This is one of the cheapest dog food brands in India, a mix of chicken and rice. It is easy to digest and also ideal for dogs who are fighting diarrhoea. This dog food is quite tasty for dogs as well. It is available in large packs. One of its disadvantages, however, is that it contains the byproducts of both rice as well as meat.  

You may need to feed your dog multiple times a day (5-6 servings) due to its light nature. 

It is unfit for puppies below 12 months of age.

  Type: Dry dog food
  Quantity: 2kg
  Ideal Age Range: Adult Dogs
  Breed: Small and medium breeds
  Budget: Under Rs 1700

This dog food is quite costly. However, if the price is not an issue, it is a high-quality dog food tailored towards the development of the canine. It is prepared with the same standards of health, safety, and taste as human food. The company uses natural ingredients with minimal processing. It has a high nutritional value as well.

However, a negative point about this brand is that it is not easy to transition to this dog food from another diet. 

It comes in a variety of meat based compositions, generally including chicken. More expensive variants also have salmon, lamb, etc.

Orijen Dog Food 

Orijen Original 2 kg
  Type: Dry dog food
  Quantity: One pack (2kg)
  Ideal Age Range: Adults
  Breed:All breeds..
  Budget: Under Rs 2000

This is the most premium food for dogs out there – in India as well as around the world. The product has a premium feel, and dogs love its taste and texture.

The ingredients are thoughtfully sourced, and it is rich in protein. It is most natural, though there are some freeze-dried components – most dogs enjoy it nevertheless. This item is grain-free and prepared human grade.

However, it is well outside the price range of most buyers, and switching between brands once you start feeding this food to your dogs can be difficult, as dogs adjust themselves to the high protein diet.

Farmina N&D Low Grain Dog Food 

Farmina N&D Low Grain Chicken and Pomegranate Adult Food, 2.5 kg (Medium)
  Type: Dry dog food
  Quantity: One pack (2.5 kg)
  Ideal Age Range: Adults
  Breed:All breeds..
  Budget: Under Rs 2000

This is a 100% grain-free brand. Although not as pricey as some of the brands mentioned above, it is still quite exclusive, most dogs like the taste of this food. A unique feature of this brand is that the manufacturers place emphasis on fruits and veggies like pomegranate, pumpkin, blueberry, etc. apart from meat.

A problem with this dog food, however, is that there are some reports of dogs experiencing stomach issues while changing feed.

Purina Super Coat Puppy Dry Dog Food 

Purina Supercoat Puppy Dry Dog Food, Chicken - 2kg Pack
  Type: Dry dog food
  Quantity: One pack (2 kg)
  Ideal Age Range: Puppies of up to 12 months.
  Breed:All breeds..
  Budget: Under Rs 600

This is ideally suited to growing puppies, up to 12 months of age. It is rich in proteins, vitamins, and essential fats. It is available in 2kg packs, and puppies of all dog breeds can consume it for high nutritional value.

Thus, Purina Super Coat Puppy Dry Dog Food affords all the essential ingredients for growth, immunity, and general wellbeing for puppies. It is also well-adapted to carnivorous feeding behaviour, allowing it to be tasty for most pets.

It has an excellent reputation, thus indicating a generally safe diet for your pet.

While this brand boasts an excellent reputation from health experts, it comes with a hefty price tag. This is dry dog food which will need a complimentary water bowl for hydration.

Buying Guide to Dog Food in India

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To accurately choose the best dog food for your dog, it’s essential to become familiar with your pet’s health, which is vital to the selection process. No two pets are the same, and this translates to the fact that they all have different issues in their overall health. 

Veterinarians are trained specially for this, and regular visits can prove to be quite helpful. The following key factors are integral to choosing the right dog food for your dog.


There is a vast difference between a puppy’s and a full-grown dog’s diet. The key here is in defining your dog’s stage of development, which you can use to determine the kind of food he/she needs.

If your dog is a puppy, you will then need to do extra homework and consider the associated sub-stage. For instance, a puppy which is still weaning will have different needs from those of a puppy that’s transitioning to adulthood. 

When it comes to adults, diet is mostly about maintenance, though there are additional factors to look into, such as health and breed type. The usual menu is a high-protein, high-calorie intake with some mineral and vitamin supplements.  

Older dogs tend to have their own set of issues that we need to consider. Since their digestive systems and the body, in general, becomes frail, you will have to adjust the diet accordingly. In general, the high protein and high-calorie diet are maintained while taking all the associated health issues into consideration. 

Activity or Inactivity Level

It is necessary to make sure that the diet has a liberal protein supply and a high-calorie count. Though we usually consider fats inappropriate for dogs whose lifestyle consists of a lower activity level, these tend to be the niche. We should refrain from overlooking carbohydrates, as they are excellent sources of energy.

On the contrary, “low-energy” dogs – like those that may have health challenges require far fewer fats and carbohydrates. Therefore, we should adjust their diet accordingly, as any discrepancies will lead to health problems such as dog obesity.

You should determine the pet’s activity level based on habits, natural behaviour and occupation, which will play a key role in choosing feeds that are appropriate. A veterinary examination will help here as well, for confirmation.

Health Status

If the pet is inflicted with certain health conditions, you must consult a professional to ensure that the dog food provides benefits.

A balanced diet can go a long way when it comes to healing too. Also, specific foods can help combat particular diseases, for, eg. Chronic Eczema, which can be treated with omega-3 fatty acids.


Allergies can be found quite often in dogs, and combating these issues should be paramount before they can inflict serious damage on the dog. Veterinary consultation is the easiest and most foolproof way to figure out any allergies your dog may have, which you must consider before buying its food. 

It is important to go through the ingredients in any dog food before purchase.

Breed and Size

Dog breeds have dietary needs which can be correlated to the size of the dog and how active it is. When it comes to larger dogs, the issues mainly come down to muscle strain and joint stress. To solve this specific issue, the diet should include ample proteins, which help in repairing muscular tissues. Calcium and Vitamin D also helps to keep the bones strong.

Some dog breeds like Labradors are more naturally predisposed to becoming obese. This is also a factor which can lead to multiple health problems.

Therefore, you should check the fat and carbohydrate composition to tailor it to prevent the development of these problems appropriately. Veterinary personnel might come in handy if you need a precise diet to fit the needs of your pet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change dog foods often?

This depends on the dog and the dog food in question. Generally, premium dog foods are more likely to be challenging to change once the dog has started to consume them. Veterinary consultation is a good idea when it comes to making decisions about a change in the dog’s diet.

Which dog food is grain-free?

A good option for a grain-free or gluten-free dog food is Farmina N&D. It is available in grain-free as well as low grain varieties.

How is dog food made?

Manufacturers usually make dog food using ground meat, grain or vegetables. The most popular method is the process of extrusion. All the raw ingredients are ground up into a paste in this method.

Which dog food is high in fibre?

Many manufacturers make fibre-rich products. Purina is a good brand to look for when it comes to fibre rich dog food.

Can dogs be vegetarian?

The simple answer here is Yes – we can raise dogs on a vegetarian diet. Many companies have started making vegetarian versions of their feed. However, a dog may not transition from a meat based diet to a vegetarian diet that easily. In such cases, professional consultation is the best option.

How much should I feed my dog?

Like human beings, all dogs also need varying levels of food – so there is no fixed answer to this question. It is important to watch the dog, not the dish. A dog will show signs of being hungry or full. It is best to monitor your dog and plan his/her feeding routine accordingly.

Can dog food go stale?

Until the expiration date, unopened bags, packs or pouches of dog food will generally not go stale. However, exposure to air and moisture after the package is opened can cause damage over time. It is best to make sure your dog consumes the feed within two weeks after opening the bag.

Can I make home-cooked food for my dog?

Home-cooked food is always a good option for dogs, along with store-bought dog food. The most important reason for this is that home-cooked food is always freshly prepared, as compared to the store-bought feed, which generally needs some form of preservatives to maintain its quality. However, it is essential to note that your dog may have allergies to certain food items.

 Which dog food is best for puppies?

Puppies (under 12 months of age) generally need a different type of food than adult dogs. This is attributed mainly to the fact that growing puppies whose bones and muscles are still developing have a higher protein requirement than adult dogs. A number of puppy food products and brands have been listed above.

 Which foods are dangerous to give to dogs?

We must be sure not to give dogs chocolate and other types of candy, citrus fruits, apples, raisins or grapes, onions, garlic, or any form of alcoholic or caffeine-based beverages.


Thus, dog food comes in a variety of nutritional compositions, textures and flavours as well as many different price ranges and pack sizes. Ultimately, a different type of dog food will be ideal for each dog, depending on a myriad of factors, as mentioned above. It is a good idea to experiment with small packs of different compositions, flavours and brands before choosing the right fit for your canine. This is a buying guide which covers a few issues potential buyers may encounter when making this decision.

We hope to have assisted you in making an informed decision as a customer.


We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Swag Swami may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

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