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11 Best Digital Door Locks In India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether it is about your home or office, shop or your bedroom, a threat to security is increasing day by day. The manual locking processes using locks and keys are not as secure as in their early days. They are now sort of outdated. Our technologies have resulted in high-security digital locking solutions for home or commercial purposes to match the present threat. 

What Is A Digital Door Lock? – A Quick Intro

A digital door lock is the replacement of a manual lock and key system. You can use your fingerprint, pin code, card, or any such thing to operate them. So, there is no issue of missing keys or keys getting stolen or so on. Usually, these keyless door locks are associated with a mobile application that enables you to get even remote access and all the track record of opening and closing the door. 

Some of them come with an automatic locking system that means the door will be locked automatically when it is closed. An alarm system is also there to alert you in case of any forceful entry or low battery issue.

Best Digital Door Locks – Quick Comparison 

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Types Of Door Locks

best digital door locks in india types swag swami article

There are various types of digital door locks that you can buy based on their locking mechanisms.

Pattern/Pin Door Lock 

These digital locks operate when you enter the right pattern or pin that you have registered earlier in it. The main problem with them is that anyone can see them if they are standing behind you. So, you need to be very careful while operating it.

Magnetic Door Lock 

They are quite affordable as they don’t use any battery or any complex device. They work simply based on the magnetic properties of these locks. In terms of security, they do not work well because anyone can easily operate them. 

Deadbolt Door Lock 

They provide a quite high level of security. It is not easy to break them. Usually, they come with a separate handle as the knob itself don’t have the handle.

Biometric Lock 

They have quite dedicated sensors and can only be operated with the biometric of the registered user. The biometric can be a fingerprint or retinal scan or any such thing.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Locks

They use cards having some sort of radio frequencies which is then used to unlock these locks. In case the card goes missing, then it will be difficult to open the door.

Lever Style Door Lock 

In such types of locks, you need to pull or push the lever to unlock the door. They are the most common types of door locks.

Bluetooth Door Lock 

Using Bluetooth, you can unlock doors with such types of locks. They usually use a mobile application to make such connectivity and do its job.

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Top Digital Door Lock Brands In India 

Let’s have a look at some of the famous brands offering digital door locks both nationally and internationally.


A brand that guarantees to deliver smarter home access allowing only trusted and known people to come in while keeping suspicious ones out. This multinational brand focuses on making customer’s lives more simple and secure.


In 2017, ASSA ABLOY, the global leader in access solutions, acquired August and, as a part of this acquisition, August joined Yale home company. The story of this brand started from simple small locks for shops and then extended to innovating solutions for security.


This famous Indian brand was established in 1987 and had its roots in India’s struggle for independence. They offer products in the categories like home appliances, aerospace and defence, chemicals, financial services, furniture, furnishing & fittings, food & agriculture, general & heavy engineering, intra- logistics, home & personal care, lock & security solutions and many more. 


Lavna is a brand specifically for digital locks. They offer digital locks with a stylish touch and at the same time with high-quality safety standards. With the maximum level of security, they indirectly offer you peace of mind.

Ozone Secutech

Ozone is among the leading companies in architectural hardware, safes, locks, and vaults in India. It has a global presence across 21 countries. And, it offers hardware solutions that are certified internationally.

Top Digital Door Locks In India – Review 

While selecting a keyless door lock for home or commercial purposes, you need to be very careful. The main reason is that security is always non-negotiable stuff. After considering this, we have selected the following top digital door locks:

August Smart Lock 

August Smart Lock (with 3rd Generation Technology) - Dark Gray
  Lock Type: Keypad lock
  Finish Type: Painted
  Batteries Required:4AA
  Weight: 394.63 Grams
  Colour: Dark grey
  Dimensions: 4.1 x 6.6 x 12.2 cm
  Budget: Under Rs.20000

With this smart lock, you can convert your home into a smart home. It offers keyless and secure entry. You can keep track of who comes and goes, all from your phone. There is no need to replace the existing key-lock system. It easily gets attached to the existing deadbolt, and thus, you can still use your keys. The best part of this keyless door lock is that it can work with Alexa for voice control. You just need to have a hub and an Alexa device. 

Using the August app, you can give access to any guest instantly without your presence. No need to hide keys under rocks or pots. This access can be for a few weeks, a few hours, a few minutes. It is all up to you. It has a very simple installation that took around 10 minutes with just a screwdriver. 

Ozone Smart Digital Lock 

Ozone Smart Digital Door Lock Morphy Oz-FDL-03-STD Fingerprint Access Electronic Locking System (Black)
  Lock Type: Electronic lock
  Finish Type: None
  Batteries Required:8 AAA
  Weight: 2.68 Kilograms
  Colour: Black
  Dimensions: 31.8 x 23.4 x 12 cm
  Budget: Under Rs.20000

This keyless door lock comes with 24 months warranty that the manufacturer provides. It is a versatile digital door lock with a sleek design suitable for doors of thickness 35mm to 60mm. You can place its handle on either the left side or right side as it is a universal handle with a strong and easy grip. There are many modes to access, like user pin code, fingerprint access, RFID card, etc.

It has a smart freeze mode, which means that the lock will automatically freeze after four consecutive wrong PIN attempts. In case of a low battery, the device will trigger an alarm. To provide external battery power backup, it has a USB port also. You can add two-step verification through its dual combination mode to increase the security by combining two forms of entry for unlocking.

Godrej Locking Solutions 

Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems ADVANTIS Rimtronic (Pin + Biometric)
  Lock Type: Pin + Biometric
  Finish Type: None
  Batteries Required:4 AA
  Weight: 1.37 Kilograms
  Colour: Black
  Dimensions: 17.7 x 7.1 x 1.8 cm
  Budget: Under Rs.20000

With 360-degree fingerprint registration, you can place your finger randomly at any position and angle on the sensor. You can set the password from 4 digits to 12 digits. If the battery discharges completely, you can use an external 9 V battery to operate the lock. If the safety button is switched on, the lock can not be operated/ opened by biometric or password from outside.

The extra feature includes a fire sensor that unlocks the door if the temperature inside the room reaches 65 degrees celsius and above. You don’t need to worry about installation as it offers free installation ( limited to wooden doors and frames). It has seven adjustable volume levels with the mute option for silent functioning of the device. This keyless door lock eliminates the hassle of manual locking of doors with its auto-locking features.

Adel Door Lock 

ADEL Polished Biometric Door Lock (Chrome)
  Lock Type: Key Lock
  Finish Type: Polished
  Batteries Required:4 x 1.5V AA
  Weight: 1 Kilogram
  Colour: Black and silver
  Dimensions: 40 x 25 x 17 cm
  Budget: Under Rs.18000

This digital lock is four in one lock as you can use a fingerprint or RFID card or passcode or a master key to operate it. It is quite easy to maintain and is applicable for both home or commercial purposes. The length of the password can be up to 11 digits. You can have any angle of finger for fingerprint verification. The life cycle of its battery is around ten thousand times of usage. But this lock is suitable for wooden doors only. For metal doors, it is not suitable. The installation can be easily done but only by a professional installation person like a professional carpenter. With stainless steel as its material, it offers a robust structure. The sellers guarantee proper packaging. So, it can be considered as a better option while buying online a digital door lock.

  Lock Type: Digital lock
  Finish Type: Powder Coated
  Batteries Required:4 x 1.5V AA
  Weight: 1 kg 700 g
  Colour: Black and grey
  Dimensions: 16.8 x 5.6 x 3.3 cm
  Budget: Under Rs.15000

Escozor digital door locks are motorized locks with a stainless steel body. The method of its operation includes fingerprint control, password control, RFID control and mechanical keys. It has automatic locking based on a magnetic sensor. You can use fir main door or bedroom door. It is ideal for doors made up of wood, metal, glass (glass door with a frame), and outdoor gates.

If the wrong password is entered more than six times, its keypad will get automatically locked for about one minute. In case of low battery power, it will send an alarm. After the alarm, it can still be used up to 200 times. An emergency switch is provided at the bottom of the device to prevent unlocking when it is out of power. This durable anti-theft digital lock comes with one year warranty that ensures its proper functioning for a longer time.

Yale Digital Door Lock 

Yale YDME 50 Digital Door Lock with RFID Card, Pincode & Mechanical Key Access, Color- Silver(Free Installation), Glossy Finish
  Lock Type: Key Lock
  Finish Type: Glossy
  Batteries Required:4 x AA batteries
  Weight: 2.5 Kilograms
  Colour: Silver
  Dimensions: 3.8 x 7 x 17 cm
  Budget: Under Rs.15000

If you are a left-handed person and struggle with the products designed specifically for right-handed persons, then this lock is just for you. It has a reversible handle that makes it suitable for both left and right-handed doors or persons. The most important feature of this product is the assurance of service. They have 24 x 7 Toll-free customer support for free installation and other services. It has a compact look that makes it suitable for even internal or bedroom doors. You can re-operate the lock from outside if the battery is depleted by an option known as a jump start. This feature can be used from the front panel with the help of a 9-volt battery. The installation process is not complex and can be done by even a local carpenter.

Valencia Bella Smart Door Lock 

Valencia- Bella Smart Door Lock with Fingerprint, RFID, PIN Access & Manual Key Access, Black(Free Installation), Glass Finish
  Lock Type: Digital lock
  Finish Type: Glass
  Batteries Required:4 AA batteries
  Weight: 2 kg 800 g
  Colour: Black
  Dimensions: 32 x 65 x 280 Millimetres
  Budget: Under Rs.15000

This hassle-free digital lock comes with multiple unlocking options like fingerprint, RFID, PIN Access & Manual Key Access. Two RFID cards and a manual key is also provided with the device. It has an automatic locking system that eliminates the manual locking system. Thus, the doors will get automatically locked when it gets closed. It has a very sleek and unique design that can give your door a more trendy look.

It has a long-lasting battery that works from 3 months to 6 months. You can use any mobile charger to charge the battery after taking it out from the device. It can be used for wooden doors or metal doors having a thickness of around 40 mm.

Swamey Smart Door Lock 

SWAMEY Smart Door Lock with 5-Way Unlocking, OTP Time Bound Access, Activity Logs, Fingerprint, Passcode, NFC Card and Emergency Key Access for Home or Office Right Handed (Black 8000-Y)
  Lock Type: Digital Lock
  Finish Type: None
  Batteries Required:4 x AA batteries
  Weight: 2 Kilograms
  Colour: Black
  Dimensions: 25 x 10 x 10 cm
  Budget: Under Rs.10000

With the superior sensor and 360-degree fingerprint access, this digital door lock makes itself smarter. It can detect even with the slightest touch. If guests, housekeepers, employees, or any other person, you can give them one-time passcode (OTP) with the expiration. It has a passcode scheduler for remote control that is customizable. There are five ways of unlocking this lock. You can use fingerprint to unlock, set up a passcode, use Bluetooth, an NFC card or emergency keys. It changes the whole look of the door with its elegant design. You will receive alerts and notifications when someone locks or unlocks the door or has a low battery. You just have to install the TT Lock App on your mobile for this.

 It is quite suitable for both homes and offices. The installation process is quite easy and fully explained in the user manual.

Lavna Biometric Door Lock 

LAVNA LA24 Smart Door Lock with Bluetooth Mobile App, Fingerprint, RFID Card, PIN, OTP and Manual Key Access for Wooden Doors (Rose Gold)
  Lock Type: Digital Lock
  Finish Type: Painted
  Batteries Required:4 x AA batteries
  Weight: 5 Kilograms
  Colour: Multicoloured
  Dimensions: 6 x 6.5 x 29 cm
  Budget: Under Rs.10000

If you are looking for trendier home security solutions with vibrant colours, this model is just for you. It has a Wi-Fi connection such that it can be connected to the nearest router. After connecting through Wi-Fi, you have to install its application on your mobile phone. Then you can easily unlock this lock from your mobile from anywhere. It has a 360 degrees fingerprint sensor, and you can register up to 100 fingerprints in this lock. This means it would be great for even commercial purposes also.

Two manual keys are also provided with this lock as a backup option. With three year warranty, it has a low battery indicator and automatic locking function also. For proper working, the door should have a minimum thickness of about 34 mm. It is mostly suitable for wooden doors only. The installation process is also very simple.

Valencia Smart Door Lock 

Valencia- Hola Smart Door Lock with Fingerprint, RFID, PIN Access & Key Access, Black
  Lock Type: Digital Lock
  Finish Type: Glass
  Batteries Required:4 x AA batteries
  Weight: 3.6 Kilograms
  Colour: Black
  Dimensions: 3.2 x 7.3 x 37.3 cm
  Budget: Under Rs.10000

Are you looking for a door lock with an option for a child safety lock? If yes, then this might be suitable for you. This Al-Alloy digital door lock comes with a two-year warranty that means you can have a satisfactory output from this device for a longer period. You can access this lock with a pin code or fingerprint or RFID card, and so on. It has systematic voice guidance that guides you through various settings and options available with this device. This makes it more convenient to use. It will generate an alarm if someone tries to break the door or tries to open the door forcefully. In the case of three consecutive attempts of incorrect access, it will generate a lock sound with a warning and disable the authentication access for about 3 minutes. This helps a lot in the prevention of trespassing cases.

Lavna Locks 

Lavna Locks Fingerprint & Key Door Lock for Wooden & Metal Doors with compact size & complete security (Model No. - L-A15, Right)
  Lock Type: Digital Lock
  Finish Type: None
  Batteries Required:4 AA batteries
  Weight: 1 Kilogram
  Colour: Black
  Dimensions: 26.1 x 18.4 x 8.1 cm
  Budget: Under Rs.5000

This budget-friendly digital lock has a compact design. It has a 360-degree fingerprint sensor, and it can be used to register up to 20 fingerprints. The fingerprint sensor is present in the handle, making it quite convenient to use. The unlocking speed of this lock is quite high. It usually takes 0.4 seconds to unlock. Whenever the door is closed, it gets locked automatically, which eliminates the manual locking process. This is due to the automatic locking system present in it.

An external power port is present. This enables you to have a backup in case the battery drains completely. This is suitable for doors made up of wood or metals having a minimum thickness of 27 mm. It is a universal lock with easy installation. It can be installed within ten minutes and on any side (left or right) of the door.

How to Install A Smart Lock?

There are three main components of a smart lock. The first one is the exterior piece that may have a lock for a key or keypad or any touch sensor or any such thing. The second part is the interior part that has the whole circuit and batteries. The last part is the bolt that you use to secure the door. Now you just have to connect all the three.

It would be better if you test its working before installing it on the door. Then you will remove the old lock and place the new one as mentioned in its manual. Sometimes it may require digging a hole in the door or any such thing, so it would be better to call a professional for doing this. Some keyless door locks can be fixed just by screwdrivers, and that too in ten minutes. Thus, depending on the type of lock you are placing, you can read its manual and decide how to install it. Some of them come with free installation services.

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How Do Digital Door Locks Work?

The digital door locks work according to any of the mechanisms mentioned below or their combination:

  • Pin
  • Pattern
  • Fingerprint
  • Manual key
  • Retinal recognition
  • Facial recognition
  • Voice recognition
  • Bluetooth
  • RFID cards

The list is not completed yet because it is endless. With advancements in technology, the security level is also going to a higher level. Some of the locks operate using a mobile application.

But these all were some of the unlocking mechanisms. For the locking purpose, automatic locking is always present in almost all types of locks, which makes your life easier and convenient.

Are Digital Door Locks Safe? 

For a typical intruder, the security provided by a digital lock is quite high. They cannot enter your property with these locks unless and until you make any mistake. This mistake can be:

  • Entering your pin/ pattern in front of other people.
  • Unknowingly disclosing the pin/ pattern in public.
  • Losing the RFID card or key.
  • Forgetting to charge the battery

Many such mistakes can put you at risk. 

And in the case of professional thieves, nothing is safe. They can manage even your fingerprint in your absence. They are experts in this field and can even guess your pattern. Else, the digital door locks are quite safe.

Advantages Of A Digital Door Locks

Well, there are countless advantages of digital door locks. Here are some of them:

  • No keys mean no loss of keys
  • Also, it means no need to hide them under rocks to make them available for the remaining family members.
  • You can give access to guests in case you are not available at that time. You can give this access remotely also.
  • No need to handle multiple keys.
  • In some of the locks, you can see the previous records of the opening of the door.
  • High level of security.
  • Some of them are voice-controlled, which gives a more hands-free experience.
  •  They give an elegant look to your door, raising your standards in society.
  • They are more durable.
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How To Choose Digital Door Locks Brands In India– Buying Guide

best digital door locks in india buying guide swag swami article

Let us consider some of the important factors that one should consider when buying a digital door lock.

Type Of Digital Locks 

The digital lock can be classified into lever-type or deadbolt type, or magnetic type. You can select anyone depending upon your suitability.

Lock Type

If you prefer a pin code or pattern type lock, you can select the one with such features. For a higher security level, you can go for fingerprint type or Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth type lock. Some locks use an RFID card to operate. But again, there may be a chance of missing the respective card that will create further more problems.

Waterproof feature

Suppose you plan to use a digital lock-in outdoors, like for a gate or so on, it is really important to select the waterproof one. Although for those used in the home or indoors, a 100 per cent waterproof feature is not needed. But people with wrong intentions may try to open the lock by making this digital lock stop working by throwing water on it. So, care is needed.


The digital locks for doors are available in various designs. Some of them are very elegant and sleek. Then some of them give a very boldly high-security feel. You can select the one that looks best on your door and at the same time fulfils your requirement.

Battery Backup

If the battery got drained fully, then the digital lock will stop working, and your door will automatically be unlocked. For such cases, a battery backup option should always be available to make your property 100 per cent safe and secure.


Some locks have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity that helps you monitor your mobile phone using some mobile application. You can control it even from a remote area. This increases the flexibility of the device. Or you can check the previous records of the opening of the door or can do many such things.

Backup Option

If you forgot the pattern or the pin required to open the door or lost the respective RFID card, then there will be no meaning of such lock, which prevents even the owner from entering their property. To prevent such cases, select the lock which has some backup option like an alternate manual key or OTP on your mobile phone or any such thing.


If you hate even a small noise or prefer soundless operation, then select the one that produces negligible sound. Some digital locks work perfectly but produce such a noise that even your neighbours will get aware of your opening of the door. Avoid buying such types of locks.

Remote Control

If you are expecting guests in your absence, or your housemaid comes after you leave or any such case where you are not present near the digital lock but wants to operate it, you need a lock that can be operated from remote areas. Many such locks are available. You can go for such a keyless door lock that will be more convenient for you.

Battery Life 

Since we are talking about security, there should be zero compromises with the life of the battery. If the battery life is low, your lock will interrupt many times in its whole life span. This will decrease its reliability. So, make sure to select the one with longer battery life.

Ease of Installation

If you know a good professional carpenter, you can manage the installation of any digital lock. Else, select that lock that works fine and has easy installation. Some of the digital locks come with a free installation service that will make this process easier.

Door Thickness

A digital door lock can not be used on every door. Each digital door lock is designed for a door of a certain minimum thickness. So, first, measure the thickness of your door where you want to install that door lock, then select the appropriate one. If the thickness of the door is less than a particular value ( mentioned in the manual provided with the digital lock), then you cannot install that digital lock in it.

Code Customization

Some people like to customize their code from time to time. Those people should select that keyless door lock that has the feature of code customization. It is not a bad thing. It increases the security level. Also, if the code can be alphanumeric, then it will be hard to break.


The weight of the digital lock is also an important factor to consider. Depending on the strength of the door, the weight of the lock should be appropriate so that it doesn’t hinder the working of the door. On the contrary, if the digital lock is too light, the intruder can break it easily, which means there is no value in its security.

Customer Service

Commonly, customer complains that after buying a product from the company, the quality of the customer service drastically becomes poor. Therefore, it is advised to buy products from that company with good customer service even after the product’s sale. It enhances the customer’s experience with that product. The same is true for a digital door lock.

Additional Features

The additional features with a keyless door lock may include an alarm system, a smoke detection system, an automatic locking system ( this one is present in almost all types of digital locks) and many such features. They are just like the icing or topping on the cake. But they are not the cake. The more additional features a digital door lock will have, the more will be their price. So, don’t get overwhelmed with many features. It is good to have such things, but your main focus should be the security it offers.


When buying any electronic device, durability and reliability are the things that are considered first. The material used to make a digital door lock will be responsible to a larger extent for its durability. After repeated use, it should not start to jiggle or start a faulty operation.


It is good to select that digital door lock with a warranty for a certain period. A product with a warranty proves that even its company is guaranteeing its perfect functioning for a longer time. Such products automatically gain the trust of the customers.

Voice Control 

Some of the keyless door locks come with a voice control feature. They get connected to Alexa or any such device and can work according to your voice. This gives a hands-free operation to you. It will give you a feel of luxury and satisfaction. But this will increase the price of the product, So select accordingly.


The main deciding factor for selecting anything is the price of the product. The higher the number of features present in the digital door locks, the higher will be its price. In the case of digital locks, the sky is the upper limit for their price. It is better to select that digital door lock that fulfils all your working requirements and is under your budget.

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Digital Door Locks – Frequently Asked Questions 

Now let’s have a look at the frequently asked questions about digital door locks.

Are keyless door locks secure?

Yes. In a typical intruder, keyless door locks are more secure than the regular lock and key one. They are just more convenient. But with the high tech nature of intruders, they are no longer as effective as a regular lock and key one.

What if the battery discharges completely?

In many locks, there are options of warning in case of low battery power. You can change the battery when you get the warning. For other digital door locks that have no warning system, there will be some sort of backup option like charging from an external source using a USB port or so on. Else, you can see the manual and get all its details. But prefer buying the one with a low battery indication system.

Is it possible to hack a digital door lock just like people hack computers?

Yes. With the advancement in technology and talent, any device connected to the internet can be hacked. This is the reason why people don’t use simple passwords or patterns.

What if the power goes out? Will the digital door lock stop working?

No. Usually, a digital or electronic door lock works on batteries. Their functioning doesn’t depend on the power supply. So you need not worry about this. If you are still unsure, then go for a combination of digital and analogue-type locks that will have both types of features. It is not a bad idea to have double security.

Can we install the keyless door locks on ourselves?

Some of the digital door locks are quite easy to install. You can do it yourself in just ten minutes and with a simple screwdriver. But this is not always the case. Some of them need professionals for installation. It is better to read the manual first and then check whether you can do it independently or not. Suppose you can’t then call professionals. Some locks come with a free installation service. You can select such locks also.

Does a digital door lock need some wiring to be done?

Since they are mostly battery-operated, you don’t need to do the wiring. This makes it quite easy to install.

Is there any option in the digital door lock for a left-handed person?

 Yes. With advancements in technology and engineering, it doesn’t matter whether you are left-handed or right-handed. Many digital locks have the option to change their arrangement so that even a left handed-person can operate them easily. Select the one that has such a feature.

Is a pin/pattern type digital door lock is better than a fingerprint type lock?

Well, if you have many people to enter, and your digital door lock can have a limited number of fingerprint storage, then a pin/pattern lock will be better. But, if you usually forget the pattern or pin, then, in that case, select the fingerprint type digital lock. It all depends on the type and number of people who will use that digital door lock.

In case of emergency, can someone else open the digital lock in my absence?

Some of the digital door locks can be operated by someone else in your absence. But it is possible only with your permission. You have to grant them access through your remote location. You can buy such locks if you expect to face such situations.

What is the automatic locking function in a digital door lock?

In some of the digital door locks, it gets locked automatically when the door is closed. You don’t have to do anything to lock it again. This is known as the automatic locking function of that door lock.

Why a key is also given in some of the digital door locks?

A key is also given in some digital door locks, despite having options like fingerprint or pin or pattern or RFID card. It is just for backup purposes in case everything else fails. If you don’t want to use it, you can keep it safe and continue using other access options.

Is there any role of the thickness of the door in deciding the digital door lock for it?

Yes. For a particular digital door lock, the door should be, at least, of a certain thickness ( mentioned in its manual) such that the digital lock can be installed properly.


Nowadays, security has become one of our top priorities. With the increasing thefts, more digitally advanced door locks have been developed with many special features. Valencia Smart Door Lock was quite convincing in terms of its features, price, and customer reviews among the products mentioned above. It is just my opinion, and it is based on my requirements. But in your case, the requirements may be different. So select the one that suits you the best.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Swag Swami may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

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