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The 6 Best Acrylic Paints To Buy Online in India

Whether you’re a student of art, a professional painter, or simply enjoy painting as a hobby, acrylic paints prove to be an excellent choice. These water-based acrylic emulsion paints are not only cost-effective but also dry quickly, offer a diverse range of colors, and are user-friendly. Acrylic paints, available in various grades (student/artist) in India, are versatile and suitable for use on materials like canvas, paper, terracotta, or wood.

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Having seen the quick verdicts above, let us now dive deep into the individual paints and see what makes them the best acrylic paints that you can buy online in India. As you might already know, the paints come in two categories – Student Grade and Artist Grade. Let us look at them one by one

Student Grade Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints differ based on manufacturing processes and intended use, influencing product price and color output. Student-grade acrylic paints, being more affordable and user-friendly (requiring no mixing), are ideal for beginners and hobbyists. Here are the three best student-grade acrylic paints available for online purchase in India:

1. Daler-Rowney System 3 Original Selection Acrylic Paint Set 

Daler Rowney System 3 Introduction Sets -Set of 10 X 22 ml
  Colours: 10
  Volume: 22ml each
  Packing: Tubes in Box
  Consistency: Stiff to buttery
  Bonus: Artist Grade at Student Price

Daler-Rowney is a well-known brand in art and printing materials. They have a range of acrylic colours for both artists and students and their student range is named System 3.

  • From a well-known brand in art and printing materials.
  • Affordable for large painting areas and undercoats.
  • Available in a range of 60 colors.
  • Use directly for thicker finishes or mix with water for thinner results.

2. Camlin Kokuyo 40/20ml 12/18 Colours Acrylic Paint Set 

Camel Artist 40ml Acrylic Color Shade - 12 Shades (Multicolor)
  Colours: 12/18span>
  Volume: 40/20ml each
  Packing: Tubes in Box
  Consistency: Smooth
  Bonus: Free Retarder + Gel

Though billed as an artist’s set, this is ideal for serious students, beginners and those who want to try out painting as a hobby.

  • Ideal for serious students, beginners, and hobbyists.
  • Shades: 12/18
  • Additional Gel Medium and Retarder Medium provided.
  • Suitable for various surfaces, including canvas, paper, terracotta, wood, metal, and plastic.
  • Economically priced, offering good value for money.

3. Pidilite Fevicryl Acrylic Paints for Beginners 

Fevicryl Acrylic Colour, Art and Craft Paint, DIY Paint, Rich Pigment, Non-Craking Paint for Canvas, Wood, Leather, Earthenware, Metal | Ideal for Artists |Crimson, 500ml
  Colours: 1 per Bottle (25+ Available)
  Volume: 500ml each
  Packing: Plastic Bottles
  Consistency: Light
  Bonus: Large Qty per Bottle

Fevicryl is India’s very own favourite brand for all things artsy. Their line of acrylic paints is superbly priced in order to be affordable to everyone.  Let us look at a few of its key features:

  • Affordably priced individual colors.
  • Limited range of around 25 colors.
  • Lightfast and intermixable colors.
  • Quick drying time.

Artist Grade Acrylic Paints

Artist-grade acrylic paints are manufactured using top-quality materials and undergo testing for longevity, UV-resistance, color trueness, etc. Here are the best artist-grade acrylic paints available for online purchase in India:

4. Golden Heavy Body 59ml Tubes 

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paints 59ML Grey(Titanium White)
  Colours: 1 per Tube (100+ Available)
  Volume: 59ml each
  Packing: Tubes
  Consistency: Smooth/Soft to Buttery
  Bonus: Provides a thick matte finish

Golden produces high quality acrylic paints for artists. They have an extensive range of colours and supporting medium like gels and molding pastes for altering the paint thickness and matte finish.

  • High-quality acrylic paints with over 100 colors.
  • Offers slow drying paint under the “Golden Open” brand.
  • Extensive range includes high-flow fluid acrylic paint.

5. Liquitex Heavy Body Professional Acrylic Paints 

Liquitex Professional Heavy Body Acrylic Paint 2-oz tube, Titanium White
  Colours: 1 per Tube (100+ Available)
  Volume: 59ml each
  Packing: Tubes
  Consistency: Buttery & sticky/Soft to Buttery
  Bonus: Ideal when using a knife

Liquitex is a renowned paint brand that manufactures super high quality Professional grade paints for artists across the globe. Their products are now available for Indian Artists through Amazin India. Let us now take a look at a few product features.

  • Renowned for super high-quality professional-grade paints.
  • Buttery and sticky texture ideal for impasto and knife painting.
  • 105 colors available in 30 ML bottles and 2 Oz (59ml) tubes.

6. Colour Technik Professional Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Set 

Color Technik Acrylic Paint Bottles Set for Painting Canvas, Wood, Clay, Fabric, Nail Art and Ceramic, Rich Pigments (18x59ml, 2 Oz)
  Colours: 18
  Volume: 59ml each
  Packing: Plastic Bottles
  Consistency: Soft Flowy
  Bonus: Ideal gift for Artists

Although not directly for sale in India, we can still buy this wonderful Acrylic Paint set thanks to Amazon Sellers who ship it directly from the United States. However, this does take a couple of weeks to arrive, so be sure to order well in advance if you are planning to gift it for someone’s birthday.

  • Available through Amazon Sellers, shipping from the United States.
  • Flowy texture works well with soft brushes.
  • Highly pigmented for true colors, offering a silky and vibrant texture.
  • Comes in a neat gift box set.

Acrylic Paint Buyer’s Guide

Student Grade Acrylic Paints

  • Understand your skill level and buy accordingly (beginner/intermediate/graduate)
  • All brands use intermixable colours. Try them out to gain experience
  • Use gel medium to thicken your painting
  • Use retarders to delay the drying out time.
  • Always use purified water to avoid fungal attack on the paints. This happens especially with those in bottles.

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Artist Grade Acrylic Paints

  • The colours last a long while so opt for high quality brands and build up your colour collection gradually. Example- Golden
  • Use acrylic mediums to achieve the desired paint effect. You can tweak the transparency or texture of the painting.
  • Always use purified water to avoid fungal attack on the paints. This happens especially with those in bottles.
  • Sedimentation can happen due to the pigments. Regularly stir/shake the paints when not in use. Stir with a brush if sedimentation persists.

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