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Proteins and Their Role in Our Health

Proteins serve as the fundamental building blocks within our bodies. Muscles, bones, cartilage, and enzymes all rely on proteins for their formation. In the analogy of the body as a structure, proteins are akin to the essential bricks.

These proteins are composed of amino acids, which are broadly categorized as either essential or nonessential. Essential amino acids are vital for overall health and growth, but the body cannot produce them independently; they must be obtained through dietary sources.

Interesting Fact: Vegan diets tend to be relatively low in protein. To address this, incorporating protein supplements sourced from vegan origins can be an effective way to meet daily protein needs.

Best Pea Based Vegan Protein Supplement Powder

1. PLIX EVOLVE Vegan Performance Plant Protein 

PLIX - THE PLANT FIX EVOLVE Performance Plant Protein Powder For Muscle Gain And Recovery (Vanilla Flavour) 1Kg, Vegan Protein Drink With B12 Vitamin, Helps To Boosts Immunity, No Added Sugar
  Protein Source – Proteins extracted from peas and rice fuse
  Lactose/Sugar Free – Yes
  BCAA – Yes 4.7 grams per serving
  Protein Available – 25 g of protein/serving
  Water Soluble – Yes and has a smooth texture
  Highlight – Vitamin B12, natural recovery antioxidants from Acai Berry Extract, Turmeric Extract, Pink Himalayan Salt and Natural Digestive Enzymes from Bromelain and Papain
  Flavours – Vanilla
  Quantity – 1 Kilogram
  Serving – 30 Servings

Renowned as one of the most popular vegan protein supplements available on Amazon, PLIX EVOLVE is particularly suitable for athletes, sports enthusiasts, and vegan bodybuilders. A part of the extensive range of plant-based products from PLIX, this supplement is easily digestible, minimizing the risk of bloating.

Best Soy Based Vegan Protein Supplement Powder

2. Develo Soy Protein Isolate Platinum 

  Protein Source – Plant based pure soy
  Lactose/Sugar Free – Yes and cholesterol free
  BCAA – Not mentioned
  Protein Available – 27 g of protein/30 g of serving
  Water Soluble – Yes instantized for easy blending
  Highlight – Pure soy is a complete protein and this product solves the one problem of solubility so makes it easy to digest.
  Flavours – Milk
  Quantity – 500 gram
  Serving – 30 Servings

Develo Soy Protein Isolate Platinum is derived from pure soy sources and boasts instant solubility, effectively addressing a common challenge with soy-based protein powders.

Best Protein supplement Bar

3. VegOChef Vegan Cocoa Sugar-free Protein Bar 

VegOChef Vegan Cocoa Sugar-free Protein Bar with Almonds, Pea Proteins and Sunflower, 50g - Pack of 6
  Protein Source – Plant based pea protein and sunflower seed protein, dates and almonds
  Lactose/Sugar Free – Minimal, around 7 g from raisins and dates
  BCAA – Rich in BCAA due to the addition of sunflower seeds
  Protein Available – 14 g of protein/bar
  Water Soluble – Not applicable
  Highlight – The cold pressing method retains all proteins since ingredients are not heated which makes them lose some of the proteins.
  Flavours – Cocoa flavour
  Quantity – 300 grams
  Serving – 6 servings with each cocoa protein bar of 50 grams

For those who prefer their protein intake in the form of a quick snack, protein supplement bars, like the VegOChef Vegan Cocoa Sugar-free Protein Bar, offer a convenient solution. Packed with nutritious ingredients like dates, almonds, pea protein, and sunflower seed protein (rich in BCAAs), this bar provides a complete amino acid profile.

Vegan Protein Sources

Vegan protein supplement powders derive their protein content from various sources, including soy, peas, brown rice, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds.

Soy protein, derived from soybeans, offers a complete protein profile abundant in BCAAs. Further details about soy protein will be elaborated later in this article.

Protein sourced from peas is derived from yellow split peas, which contain more protein than green peas. While rich in BCAAs, it’s comparatively lower in methionine, an essential amino acid.

Brown rice protein is another source, high in BCAAs but relatively low in lysine, making it beneficial for rapid muscle growth.

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are also excellent vegan protein sources.

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Who Needs Proteins?

In essence, protein is essential for everyone. Fortunately, a substantial portion of required protein intake can be obtained through diet. However, specific individuals might need to consider protein supplements under certain circumstances.

Vegans, due to the generally lower protein content of their diet, could benefit from protein supplementation. Even individuals not engaging in vigorous physical activities should contemplate incorporating protein supplements into their routine.

Athletes, sports enthusiasts, and vegan bodybuilders have elevated protein requirements, making protein supplements indispensable.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) represents the rate at which the body burns calories, peaking around the age of 20 and gradually decreasing with age. Muscle development, which occurs primarily during this period, contributes to higher energy consumption. Teenagers participating in active sports may need protein supplements to support ongoing muscle growth, with varying needs between genders.

During recovery from injuries or when initiating a new exercise regimen, protein supplements can expedite the healing process.

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How Much Protein Do You Need In A Day?

Typically, an average individual requires approximately 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily. This requirement escalates for active athletes and bodybuilders, reaching up to 2 grams per kilogram of body weight daily. While dietary sources contribute to protein intake, vegan individuals can ensure essential nutrition by incorporating protein supplement powders. Growing teenage athletes require a similar amount to adults, approximately 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight daily.

Amino Acids And Their Role In Building Proteins

Proteins themselves consist of amino acids, with around 20 crucial for bodily growth and maintenance. Among them, some are synthesized by the body, while others must be acquired through diet. These amino acids fall into three groups based on their synthesis and importance.

Essential amino acids – Indispensable via dietary intake as the body cannot produce them.

Nonessential amino acids – Synthesized by the body.

Conditional amino acids – Attain importance under special conditions, such as injury or recovery.

Essential Amino Acids

Nine amino acids are classified as essential, namely isoleucine, leucine, lysine, histidine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. These must be obtained exclusively from the diet.

BCAA, or branched-chain amino acids, is a term frequently encountered in protein supplement information. BCAAs comprise leucine, isoleucine, and valine, pivotal for muscle growth and preventing muscle fatigue and degradation.

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Other Good Pea Based Vegan Protein Supplement Powders

4. OZiva Organic Plant Protein 

OZiva Organic Plant Protein for Everyday Fitness | 30g Protein - Pea Isolate || Complete Plant Protein Powder | No Added Sugar, Certified Clean & Vegan (Unflavoured, 1kg)
  Protein Source – Blend of organic pea protein isolate, organic brown rice protein and organic quinoa
  Lactose/Sugar Free – Yes/ gluten-free/soy-free/lactose-free, cholesterol-free
  BCAA – Yes 5.2 grams per serving
  Protein Available – 30 g of protein/serving
  Water Soluble – Not applicable
  Highlight – It is non GMO and contains no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. It is easy to digest
  Flavours – Neutral flavour
  Quantity – 1 kilogram
  Serving – 15 Servings

Distinguished by its soy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO composition, this product offers complete organic digestibility. Devoid of sweeteners or flavorings, it provides an easily absorbed protein source.

5. Unived Organic Pea Protein Isolate with Natural Digestive Enzymes 

Unived Pea Protein Isolate with Natural Digestive Enzymes, 100% Vegan & Plant-Based, BCAAs, Amino Acid, Lean Muscle Development, Non-GMO & Sugar-Free, Natural (Chocolate 15 Servings)
  Protein Source – Non GMO pea protein that is hypoallergenic
  Lactose/Sugar Free – Yes/gluten free/cholesterol free
  BCAA – Yes 4.58 grams per serving
  Protein Available – 25 g of protein/serving
  Water Soluble – Yes and has a smooth texture
  Highlight – Natural digestive enzymes blended with acid, neutral and alkaline protease, papain, & amylase for greater bioavailability
  Flavours – Chocolate, Vanilla and organic raw
  Quantity – Around 600 grams (each serving around 40 grams)
  Serving – 15 Servings

This product features sugar-free, gluten-free plant proteins, abundant in BCAAs. The inclusion of digestive enzymes ensures swift digestion, absorption, and minimal bloating, promoting lean muscle development.

Difference Between Pea Based Proteins And Soy Based Proteins

Both pea and soy-based proteins encompass essential amino acids, constituting valuable protein sources. Soy protein has demonstrated potential benefits in coronary artery health, a recognition upheld by the Food and Drug Administration.

However, pea-based protein supplements possess superior water solubility and enhanced taste compared to soy-based alternatives. Furthermore, concerns have emerged regarding genetically modified soybean-derived protein powders. Allergies and intolerances related to soy protein have also been reported, with soy ranking among the top ten allergens.

Other Good Soy Protein Supplement Powders

6. Zenith Nutrition Zenith Protein Pure Soy 

Zenith Nutrition Zenith Protein Pure Soy - 500 gms
  Protein Source – Pure soy that is non GMO
  Lactose/Sugar Free – Yes
  BCAA – Yes 4.58 grams per serving
  Protein Available – 25 g of protein/serving
  Water Soluble – yes medium solubility
  Highlight – Complete range of amino acids made available. No sweetener, flavouring agent or preservative. Economic package
  Flavours – Neutral flavour
  Quantity – 500 grams
  Serving – Around 20 Servings

Economically priced and derived from pure soy, this product contains a comprehensive array of essential and nonessential amino acids, ideal for regular body maintenance.

7. Nature's Velvet 100% Soy Protein 1kg 

nature's velvet Lifecare Soy Protein, Vegetarian and Natural, 1000 gms - Pack of 1
  Protein Source – Pure soy
  Lactose/Sugar Free – Yes
  Protein Available – 30 grams/serving
  Water Soluble – Yes
  Flavours – Natural Flavour
  Quantity – 1 Kilogram
  Serving – Around 30 Servings

This product combines dietary fiber and a complete spectrum of essential amino acids. Particularly advantageous for women due to its Phytoestrogen content.

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Other Good Protein Supplement Bars

8. AG Taste Vegan Protein Bar 

AG Taste 15G Protein Bar-Vegan & Glutenfree, Sugarfree Chocolate Cranberry Almond -270 g (6x45g), Pack of 6 bars- Meal Replacement & Workout bar, No Added Sugar, No Preservatives.
  Protein Source – Plant based soy protein and chia and flax seeds
  Lactose/Sugar Free – Yes and gluten and cholesterol free
  BCAA – Not mentioned
  Protein Available – 15 g of protein/bar
  Water Soluble – Not applicable
  Highlight – Red cranberries and chia seeds ensure availability of vitamin B12 up to 33%.
  Flavours – Cranberry, Blackcurrant and assorted
  Quantity – 270 grams
  Serving – 6 servings with each protein bar of 45 grams

An excellent snack choice for fitness enthusiasts, ideal for pre- or post-workout consumption or while on the go.

9. VegOChef Protein Bar 

VegOChef | Keto Bar | Vegan Protein Bar without sugar | Zero added sugar | gluten free | Low Carb Bar | Keto Snack with Vegan Protein | 50g,pack of 6.
  Protein Source – Sprouted Brown Rice and Pea is the protein source.
  Lactose/Sugar Free – Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free, NO Preservative, No Artificial Color
  BCAA – Not mentioned
  Protein Available – 15g of complete protein
  Water Soluble – Not applicable
  Highlight – Suitable for Diabetic Patients.
  Flavours – Neutral
  Quantity – 240 gram
  Serving – 6 servings with each protein bar of 50 grams

Another offering from VegOChef, suitable for power snacking before or after workouts, or as a meal substitute during travel or daily routines.

Ultimately, when considering any supplements, it is imperative to consult a healthcare professional to ensure safety and appropriateness based on individual needs and circumstances.

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