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The Best Cricket Kits You Can Buy Online in India

When you embark on your cricket journey or delve into any sport, it’s crucial to be armed with the appropriate kit and gear. This not only aids you physically but also mentally, fostering your growth as a player. We’re here to assist you in this endeavor. After extensive exploration of the online marketplace, we’ve curated a selection of the finest options accessible in India. This compilation encompasses all the essential items that a cricketer requires to excel on the field. Peruse the list to gain insight into what features to seek in a product, enhancing your understanding of your prospective purchases. Without further ado, let’s delve into the realm of the finest cricket kits.

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Review – Best Cricket Helmets

Among the most indispensable gear for any batsman, a cricket helmet safeguards two critical areas: the head and the neck. What attributes should you prioritize in your choice?

  • Opt for robust and durable materials capable of withstanding high-speed ball impacts.
  • Ensure the helmet remains sufficiently lightweight to prevent hindrance to movement and overall batting performance.

Best Cricket Helmet Under 1000

SG Smart 

SG Smart Cricket Helmet, Multicolor, XL
  Has a high impact polypropylene shell
  The inner padding makes it sweat absorbent
  Comes with an adjustable steel grill

Best Cricket Helmet Under 1500

DSC Defender Cricket Helmet 

DSC DEFENDER Cricket Helmet for Men & Boys (Adjustable Steel Grill | Back Support Strap | Light Weight | size:Large (Navy)
  Helmet is of match quality
  Inner padding made of foam for comfort
  Impact absorption for extra safety

Best Cricket Neck Guard

Shrey Neck Guard 

Shrey Neck Guard 2.0 Black Large
  If you want a neck guard alone, this is the one for you
  Can be fit on every helmet
  Fit is designed for maximum comfort and safety

Review – Best Cricket Headbands

Engaging in outdoor play can induce copious sweating, leading to potential discomfort. Employing a headband proves remarkably effective in addressing this concern. What features are essential in a cricket helmet-compatible headband?

  • Prioritize high sweat absorption capability, as managing sweat is the primary purpose of the headband.
  • Ensure that any accompanying skull cap guarantees comfort, given its prolonged usage duration.
  • For those with longer hair, opt for a headband that effectively keeps hair out of your way.

Best Headband Under Cricket Helmet


Skudgear Great Quick Dry Headband Workout Lycra Sweatband for Men & Women (Grey x Black, One Size, 1pc) | Gym Equipment | Running, Yoga, Cycling, Tennis, Cricket, Badminton| Sports Unisex Hair Band
  Perfect skull cap for those with flowing hair
  Ensures that sweat doesn’t get into your eyes
  Easy to wash and dry

Best Cricket Headband Tie

The Sweatshop 

The SweatShop Play more, Sweat more Unisex Sports Tie Headband (Black)
  Good choice for those with shorter hair
  Secure fit ensures that the sweat tie head band doesn’t come off while playing
  Made from moisture wicking polyester to absorb sweat

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Review – Best Cricket Chest Guard

A chest guard proves invaluable in cushioning against swift deliveries and protecting sensitive areas like the ribs. While some might consider it optional, our strong recommendation is to include it in your gear. What criteria should you consider for a chest guard?

  • Look for sweat-absorbent properties in a chest guard to enhance comfort during play.
  • Balance between sturdiness and lightweight design, offering protection without compromising comfort.
  • Select a chest guard with easily maneuverable straps for convenience.

Here are the products that we selected

Best Cricket Chest Guard For Men

GM Men's Cricket Chest Guard 

GM 909 Cricket Chest Guard for Mens, Size - Mens, Color - White
  Available at a very affordable rate – Under 600
  Towelled back for maximum sweat absorption
  Elastic strap can be adjusted easily

Best Cricket Chest Guard for Youth 

DSC Condor 

DSC Condor Glider Cricket Chest Guard for Mens, Size - Youth
  Perfect for juniors and those who want a smaller chest guard
  High-density foam meant for maximum protection
  Lightweight which means that it won’t feel heavy

Review – Best Cricket Arm Guards

Shielding your arms is paramount during play, as cricket balls impact the arm’s less-muscular outer side, potentially causing significant injury. With this in mind, what characteristics should an arm guard possess?

  • Prioritize soft materials that effectively absorb ball impact energy.
  • Opt for secure and tight-fitting straps to prevent displacement while in action.
  • Choose an arm guard that incorporates sweat-absorbing features for enhanced comfort.

Here are the products that we selected

Best Cricket Elbow Guard for Men

SG Litevate 

Elbow Guard SG LITEVATE Adult
  You get dual form layers for added protection
  The towel back gives you maximum sweat absorption
  It is shaped to make you feel comfortable while playing

Best Cricket Arm Guards for Men

DSC Condor Surge 

DSC Condor Surge Cricket Arm Guard for Mens, Size - Mens
  Made with high-quality PVC that can handle any speed.
  The fibre inserts give you professional protection
  Hook and straps are made of high-quality elastic

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Review – Best Cricket Batting Gloves

Batting gloves offer not only hand protection but also improved grip on the bat handle. What should you seek in a pair of cricket batting gloves?

  • Strive for a balanced design – substantial protection without undue weight.
  • Ensure hand mobility, facilitating versatile shot execution across the field.
  • Select gloves suitable for your dominant hand, whether left or right.

Here are the products that we selected

Best Cricket Batting Gloves For Men

DSC Cricket Batting Gloves 

DSC Intense Frost Leather Cricket Batting Gloves for Mens, Size - Boys, Right Hand
  Faux Leather material with leather for superior grip and feel
  Made with premium quality leather
  Cotton padding provides protection for fingers

Best Cricket Batting Gloves Under 1000 

SG Ecolite Batting Gloves 

SG Ecolite RH Batting Gloves, Junior (Color May Vary, Cotton, Cricket)
  Cotton palm and a laminated air mesh for flexibility
  Is the perfect mix of safety and comfort
  Feels comfortable for long periods of time

Review – Best Cricket Keeping Gloves

Wicket-keeping, an underappreciated cricket role, necessitates proper equipment. What requirements do wicket-keeping gloves entail?

  • Prioritize comfort alongside ample protection, making the material choice critical.
  • Select gloves of the appropriate size to ensure a secure fit, avoiding undue bulkiness or tightness.
  • Evaluate the finger-webbing design for optimal safety and flexibility.

Here are the products that we selected

Best Cricket Keeping Gloves For Men


SG W.K. Gloves Club Adult
  Made with premium quality ‎Polyvinyl Chloride and Rubber
  Rubber grip on the palms will make sure that the ball sticks to you
  Has a padded lining in the cuffs for extra safety

Best Cricket Keeping Gloves Under 250


ASC Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves - Match (Standard Size)
  Their leather palm facing gloves makes them ideal for all keepers
  Cheaper option but with good quality protection
  Cap protection is available for all your fingers

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Review – Best Cricket Thigh Guards

While some batsmen might forego thigh guards, we strongly endorse their use for comprehensive body protection. Particularly beneficial on varied-bounce wickets, what factors should you consider?

  • Prioritize robust strap design to prevent slipping during play.
  • Emphasize comfort and material quality for extended wear.

Here are the best cricket kit products based on our analysis of all options currently available online

Best Cricket Thigh Guards for Men

SG Ultimate Thigh Guard 

SG PU Ultimate Thigh Guard (Youth Right Hand)
  It’s a cheap, good quality option that can be used for a right handed batsman.
  The hook and straps can be adjusted as per your convenience
  The PVC material provides cushioning

Best Cricket Thigh Guards Under 1000


Woodpecker Right Hand Thigh Guard for Cricket,Thigh pad (Black, Medium)
  The big advantage here is that it protects your inner and outer thigh..
  Does not affect movement while running
  The elastic straps ensure that it stays on your body

Review – Best Cricket Shin Guards

A versatile gear piece for keepers, batsmen, and fielders near the batsman, shin guards play a pivotal role. What features are vital in cricket shin guards?

  • Comfort is paramount, especially for fielders requiring prolonged usage.
  • Opt for appropriately sized shin pads to ensure an unobtrusive fit.

Here are the products that we selected

Best Cricket Fielding Shin Guards Under 1000


SG Fielding Shin Guard ,
  Mesh lining that maximises comfort
  Has high-quality PVC for safety
  Deeper instep gives the fielder a more compact fit

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Review – Best Cricket Groin Guards

Safeguarding sensitive areas is imperative, and groin guards offer essential protection. What should an effective abdomen/groin guard entail?

  • Prioritize robust construction to ensure reliable protection.
  • Strive for comfort during extended wear.

Best Cricket Groin Guard for Men

Drange Groin Guard 

Drange Groin Guard for Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA Fighting, Maya Hide Leather Abdo Gear for Martial Arts Training, Men Jockstrap Abdominal Protector for Sparring, Taekwondo (M)
  Perfect choice for those looking to fortify the protection they have
  It is designed to give you maximum support as well as comfort
  You can add extra cups if extra protection is needed

Best Cricket Groin Protector for Men

LEW Groin Protector 

LEW Boxing Competition Style Protector Guards Velcro- L/XL
  It has a curved plastic cup making it comfortable for a long time
  The straps ensure that it holds its place and does not move
  You can move on the pitch freely without any hassle

Review – Best Cricket Abdomen Guards

Beyond the cranium, the abdominal region stands as one of the most delicate areas on the human body. The selected abdomen guard, designed to slip on effortlessly, serves as a protective shield for your groin. What attributes are essential for such a guard?

  • Strength ranks paramount; lacking it would render the guard’s purpose futile.
  • Equally crucial is comfort, given the prolonged duration of wear.

Here are the products that we selected

Best Cricket Abdomen Guard for Men

DSC Abdominal Guard  

DSC Attitude Cricket Abdominal Guard for Mens, Size - Boys, Colour - Blue
  It’s ideal for batsmen who spend a lot of time on the pitch
  High impact poly protector will keep you safe
  Its combination of lightness and durability ensures a comfortable wearing experience.

Best Cricket Abdomen Guard 

SG Abdominal Guard  

SG Tournament Abdominal Pads, Adult, Plastic, Multicolour
  Perfect for those who want comfort more than anything else
  The traditional shape will still provide all the protection that you want
  It has a simple design that is easy to use and will keep you playing without any hassles

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Review – Best Cricket Batting Pads

For batsmen, protective gear is paramount, with batting pads serving as a frontline defense. Even if you forego other guards, batting pads are essential. What should you look for?

  • Select pads capable of absorbing high-impact forces, highlighting premium build quality.
  • Emphasize lightweight design to facilitate unimpeded running.
  • Choose pads that fit snugly without excessive bulkiness.

Here are the products that we selected

Best Cricket Batting Pads Under 800

BAS Vampire 

Bas Vampire Super Batting Legguard, Youth
  Though it is a cheaper option, the foam used is great at cushioning the impact
  It is the choice of many players including MS Dhoni and other players
  High density foam will absorb whatever speed the ball comes at

Best Cricket Leg Guards Under 1000

Klapp Batting Leg Guard 

Klapp PU Padded Batting Leg Guards/Pads (Boy)
  A product that gives you the perfect combination of feel and safety
  Can be used by both right and left-handed batsmen
  Designed to fit comfortably and be worn for a long time

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Review – Best Cricket Wicket Keeping Pads

Pads are vital for keepers, be they fast bowlers or spinners, and they possess unique characteristics distinct from batting pads. What attributes define quality wicket keeping pads?

  • Prioritize a comfortable fit to enable free movement.
  • Opt for lightweight pads featuring foam cushioning.

Here are the products that we selected

Best Cricket Keeping Pads for Men


Puma Unisex-Adult Future 20.2 WKP, Black-White, M (3081201)
  Perfect for any kind of keeper.
  It combines the right fit with extra protection
  High density sponge makes it comfortable and flexible while not losing any safety

Best Cricket Keeping Pads Under 1000

SG Campus  

SG Adult Strong PVC Facing Campus Wicket Keeping Leg Guard
  It is made with strong PVC that cushions the ball.
  It is water resistant, so you need not worry about it getting wet in the rain
  Lightweight enough to let you run with ease

Review – Best Cricket Batting Shoes

Footwear, often overlooked, is a crucial cricket component, enabling efficient running between wickets. What should batsmen seek in their cricket shoes?

  • Emphasize comfort, a key factor across your entire kit.
  • Select shoes capable of enduring the friction demands of the sport.

Here are the products that we selected

Best Cricket Batting Shoes Under 1000 

Feroc Field Shoes 

FEROC Field Cricket Shoes (8.5, White)
  You will not need any time breaking into them.
  They get the right balance of fit and functionality
  Has enough grip to keep you balanced

Best Cricket Batting Shoes Under 1500

SG Club 5.0 

SG Premium Cricket Stud Scorer 5.0 WHT/BLK/Lime UK 10
  The rubber sole has a lot of durability to go along with a perfect finish.
  A great choice at a great price
  Added vents make the shoe breathable and comfortable to wear

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Review – Best Cricket Bowling Shoes

Bowlers rely heavily on proper footwear to withstand the pressures of their role. What attributes characterize excellent cricket bowling shoes?

  • Prioritize durability to withstand the forces exerted during bowling.
  • Opt for flexible designs promoting proper running mechanics.

Here are the products that we selected

Best Cricket Bowling Shoes for Men


Kookaburra Pro 2.0 Rubber Cricket Shoe, White/Lime
  It is made with high-quality leather for a premium feel.
  These shoes are extra durable and will last for a long time
  The Dura support heel cradle will provide more comfort and support

Best Cricket Bowling Shoes 

Vector X Pro Speed 

Vector X Pro Speed Full Spike Cricket Shoes, Men's UK 8 (White/Black/Silver)
  It helps you recover faster and perform to your maximum..
  The synthetic leather will help in preventing injuries
  The spikes will help balance you when landing on the crease

Review – Best Cricket Balls

Familiarity with cricket balls is vital for skill mastery. Regardless of your role, ball handling proficiency is essential. What features define a quality cricket ball?

  • Choose balls crafted from high-quality leather, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Weight affects swing potential, warranting consideration when selecting a ball.
  • Stitching durability directly impacts ball longevity.

Here are the products that we selected

Best Cricket Balls Under 5000

‎KOOKABURRA Cricket Ball 

KOOKABURRA Leather Cricket Balls County Test (Color : Maroon Red) Standard Size
  High-quality product that has been hand stitched
  The two-piece ball will have the right kind of bounce
  A great choice to improve your bowling skills

Best Cricket Balls Under 500

Red Cherry 

RED CHERRY 4 Pcs Construction Leather Cricket Ball Pack Of 1, Red
  It is a good choice for players of any skill level
  The brand name of Kookaburra is an indication of the product’s high-quality
  A great choice to help you learn swing bowling

Review – Best Cricket Hats & Caps

Extended field exposure necessitates head protection to combat heat. Caps provide relief, but what features should you prioritize?

  • For Panama-style hats, prioritize unobstructed visibility.
  • Opt for water-resistant options across all cap styles.
  • Achieve the right fit – not too large or small – to ensure comfort and effectiveness.

Here are the products that we selected

Best Cricket Hats for Men 

DSC Panama 

DSC Atoms Panama Cricket HAT to Panama Glider Cricket Hat Large (Off White)
  The extra-wide brim will offer added safety from the sun.
  It has eyelets on both sides for airflow
  Made with 100% cotton so it feels very comfortable

Best Cricket Caps for Men

Teknik Quick-Dry 

teknik Unisex Quick-Dry Dry Fit Ultralight Water Resistant Sports Cap (Fluro Green, Free Size)
  It is water repellent meaning that sweat is not going to be a problem..
  A stylish option for those who want to look good on the field.
  The angled visor will protect you from the sun

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Review – Best Complete Cricket Kits

A comprehensive cricket kit facilitates game readiness. Fortunately, assembling a complete set need not be extravagant. What elements should these kits encompass?

  • Include all necessary components for batting and bowling endeavors.
  • Ensure availability for players of all ages, fostering skill development.
  • Prioritize a durable, capacious kit bag to accommodate all gear.

Here are the products that we selected

Best Complete Cricket Kit for Adults

SG Full Cricket Kit  

Sg Full Cricket Kit With Duffle Bag:- Full Size For Man (Adult), Nylon, Multicolour
  Packed with all the essential items, it helps you improve your skills
  The bag is with heavy-duty nylon, so it won’t tear easily.
  Can be got for players of different age groups

Best Complete Cricket Kit Under 4000

Klapp Champion Kit 

Klapp Stainless Steel Champion Cricket Kit Right Hand,Cricket Kit (Junior), Silver
  It is suitable for a variety of age groups and made with high-quality materials.
  A complete package for any cricketer
  It is lightweight and can be carried around easily

We trust our comprehensive guide to Online Cricket Kits aids your purchasing decisions. Feel free to share your insights in the comments section!

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