Best Basketball Shoes in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Choosing a basketball shoe for your game can be a daunting process. The best basketball shoes available in the market need not actually be the best basketball shoes for you. Each player has to consider his or her preference and also take into account a variety of factors before deciding on the right basketball shoe for them. Whether you are an experienced player, looking to buy a new pair shoes, or a beginner looking to get your first pair of basketball shoes, you might need to consider factors such as comfort, feet width, playing surface etc. These can often make the difference in a competitive game and give you the edge that you need to win.

In India, basketball is usually played on a variety of surfaces. These include regular cement courts, matted courts, and the professional courts that are made of wood. Each of these requires a different type of shoe with a different type of sole. Another major factor that Indian basketball players need to consider is the material used to make the shoe’s upper part. In warm Indian conditions the shoe’s upper part should have enough breathability in order for you to be able to play comfortably.

We analyse all these factors and bring to you the best basketball shoes that you can buy online in India in this review. Let’s get started!

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Review – Best Basketball Shoes

Under 10,000 - Puma Men's Uproar Basketball Shoe 

Puma Men Uproar Hybrid Court Core White-Meta
  Sole: Rubber
  Closure: Lace-Up
  Shoe Width: Regular
  Durability: High
  Playing Surface: Outdoor

Puma Uproar Hybrid Court Core  is the best-selling Basketball shoe on Amazon India in the under 10,000 price range. It provides  good traction and shock absorption which helps you to play sharp cuts and sudden stops. It is best suited for outdoor games.

Under 6000 - Nike Precision Iii Basketball Shoe 

Nike Men's Precision Iii D.Grey/White Basketball Shoes-9.5 UK (44 EU) (10 US) (AQ7495-007)
  Sole: Rubber
  Closure: Lace-Up
  Shoe Width: Engineered quarter panel and additional eyelets enhance
  Durability: High
  Playing Surface: Outdoor

Nike is known for its best quality sports accessories. This Nike shoe is a combination of style and comfort. One of the best features of these shoes is, it fits well to all foot types as it has additional eyelets.  It also gives multi-directional traction.

Under 5000 - Nike Men's Basketball Shoes 

Nike Men's Low Ii Black/Gym Red/White/Black Basketball Shoes - 9 UK (44 EU) (10 US) (AJ5902-006)
  Sole: Rubber
  Closure: Lace-Up
  Shoe Width: Regular
  Durability: Medium
  Playing Surface: Outdoor

These Nike shoes are made of synthetic material, thus it is lightweight and durable. It offers good traction and comfort. These shoes are best suited for outdoor games. It is one of the best basketball shoes under 5000.

Under 2000 - NIVIA Step Out & Play 

Nivia Combat 2.0 Basketball Shoes for Mens | Phylon, Rubber & TPU Shank Sole with Spacer Mesh Covered with TPU Film Upper | Basketball Court Indoor and Outdoor (Black) UK -8
  Sole: Phylon, Rubber, TPU
  Closure: Lace-Up
  Shoe Width: Regular
  Durability: Medium
  Playing Surface: Indoor

Nivia Step and Out Play is made of synthetic leather, PVC with Geometric Heel Printing. Soles are made up of Phylon, Rubber,  and TPU. It offers high traction and comfort for Indoor games. 

Under 1500 - Spartan Men's Power Basketball Shoes 

SPARTAN Men's Power Black Yellow Basketball Shoes - 7
  Sole: Rubber
  Closure: Lace-Up
  Shoe Width: Regular
  Durability: Medium
  Playing Surface: Outdoor

Spartan offers a wide variety of footwear for different sports. This shoe’s outer surface is made of synthetic and inner surface is made of cotton. It offers comfort and flexibility. These are best suited for outdoor games. 

Under 1000 - ZIGARO Beef Basketball Shoe 

ZIGARO Men's Silver Polyurethane Basketball Shoe - 8
  Sole: Thermoplastic Polyurethane
  Closure: Lace-Up
  Shoe Width: Medium
  Durability: Low
  Playing Surface: Indoor

ZIGARO Beef Basketball Shoes are the best budget shoes under 1000 rupees.  The outer material is of PU and PVC synthetic leather with polka dot and graphic printing. The soles are made up of thermoplastic polyurethane. 

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Best For Kids - Nike Kids Team Hustle D 8 

Nike Boys Team Hustle D 8 (GS) Black/Metallic Silver-White Basketball Shoes-5.5 Kids UK (881941-001)
  Sole: Rubber
  Closure: Lace-Up
  Shoe Width: Medium
  Durability: High
  Playing Surface: Outdoor

Nike Kids Team Hustle D 8  is the Best Basketball shoes for kids. These shoes offer high flexibility. The flex grooves at the outsole provide a great range of motion for fast-paced play. It has a Phylon midsole for cushioning, which provides good shock absorption.

Best For Women - Port Women's Victory 

Port Women's Pink Victory Basketball Shoes (5)
  Sole: Rubber
  Closure: Lace-Up
  Shoe Width: Medium
  Durability: Medium
  Playing Surface: Outdoor

Port Women’s Victory Pink Suede Basketball Shoes provide good comfort and traction. It is best suited for outdoor games. It is flexible and fits well on all types of women’s feet types.

Best For Beginners -Tarmak Beginner's Basketball Shoes 

Tarmak Adult Unisex Beginner Basketball Shoes - Blue White Red (UK 12 - EU 47)
  Sole: EVA
  Closure: Lace-Up
  Shoe Width: Medium
  Durability: Medium
  Playing Surface: Indoor

The outer material of these shoes are made of Reinforced synthetic leather and  high-rise upper provides the heel with good support. It has Non-marking rubber outsole which is highly resistant to abrasion.

The inner sole is made up of EVA, and  best suited for  learning to play basketball  in a club

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Buying Guide – Basketball Shoes


Soles are the most vital part of the shoes. Soles provide different features like comfort, flexibility and traction.   

 Soles are made of foams.There are different types of soles which are made from different foams

  1. Rubber  
  2. EVA (Ethylene vinyl Acetate foam) and compressed EVA foam 
  3. Polyurethane (PU) – more durable       


For Outdoor Playing surfaces, Thick rubber is used to make soles, as the surface is a rugged one. For Indoor playing surfaces, thin rubber is used to make soles, as the surface is smooth.

Advantage of the thick rubber sole:

It provides high traction (outdoor surface)

Advantage of the thin rubber sole: 

It is lightweight which is ideal for faster movements?

Disadvantage of rubber soles:

It loses elasticity and becomes hard and brittle after 6-8 months.

EVA (Ethylene vinyl Acetate foam) and compressed EVA foam

EVA and compressed EVA foam are the lighter ones, compared to polyurethane midsoles. EVA is commonly used in sports shoe industries.

Advantages of EVA:

Lightweight so, ideal for swift movements

Disadvantages of EVA:

It shrinks more quickly when exposed to constant loads like walking and running, and so it no longer returns to its original shape.


PU (Polyurethane) Soles are heavier and not lighter compared to other foam soles. It is very rarely used in sports shoes as it is difficult to play with heavier shoes.

Advantages of Polyurethane:

It provides shock absorption and stability for a long period of time

Disadvantages of Polyurethane:

It can break easily and ventilation is poor

Closure Laces

Shoelaces are used to fit our shoes and feet cohesively for greater comfort while running and Walking. Nowadays, there are more varieties of shoes available without laces. But, people still prefer Shoes with laces.

Types of Closure Laces:

  1. Traditional shoelaces 
  2. Velcro    
  3. No-tie elastic laces
Traditional Shoelaces:

Traditional shoelaces exist for a long period of time. The biggest advantage of this traditional shoelace is that we can adjust the firmness of the shoe to our own wish. So, it provides high comfort.

Disadvantage of Traditional Shoelaces:

There’s a chance for tripping if the laces are not tied properly.


Velcro laces are used widely in sports shoes. One of the important advantages of the Velcro is that we can quickly wear and remove the shoes with less effort compared to traditional shoelace shoes.

Disadvantage of velcro: 

Velcro loosens up easily after some time and does not provide a firm hold between our feet and shoe.

No-tie elastic laces

These no-tie elastic laces are very helpful for everyone, especially for people who have hip or back injury. One of the advantages of this no-tie lace shoes is, it provides customized grip and more comfort.

Disadvantage of No-tie elastic shoelaces:

Similar to Velcro, these no-tie elastic laces also loosen up and don’t provide comfort after some time.

Shoe Width

It is necessary to consider the shoe width while buying Basketball shoes. Choosing the wrong shoe width leads to discomfort and a lot of medical issues.

Tips for choosing the right width:

  • Your feet changes in shape over time, so don’t purchase shoes based on the past purchases
  • Measure your feet before purchasing shoes
  • Use shoe size measuring guide
  • Shoe sizes differ from one brand to another brand, so, make sure to walk around the shoes which you
    want to buy


The durability of the shoes depends on various factors. Let’s consider them in a detailed manner

Never use the shoes for multitasking

Multitasking reduces the durability of the shoes easily. If you buy basketball shoes, then use it only for playing basketball, using it for other purposes like running and jogging will reduce the durability of your shoes.

Choose good quality soles

Choosing good quality soles will enhance the life of your shoes. Know your purpose of the Purchase and choose the right quality soles.


After every usage of your shoes, make sure to dry your shoes by removing the soles and allow them to dry in a sunlight   

Playing Surface

There are different playing surfaces that are available for Basketball courts

  1. Hardwood
  2. Asphalt 


Most indoor basketball courts use hardwood flooring. Hard maple is used in Hardwood flooring and it can be found in State level and National level stadiums. Maple is used to avoid splintering.


Asphalt flooring is most commonly used for outdoor basketball court surfaces because of its ability and strength to resist all weather conditions. Beginners learn the game on  outdoor courts  or in the streets.

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Other Factors

Ankle Support

Ankle sprain is the most common injury in sports. Choosing the wrong shoes may lead to severe ankle injuries. Using high top shoes is the best way to prevent yourself from ankle injuries. High top shoes absorb the shock while jumping and provide support and safety to your ankles. These shoes are heavier compared to low top and mid-top shoes. 

Arch Support

Arch support is an essential feature for your foot health. The arch is the one that needs more support than other parts of the foot, as it handles most of the pressure during movements.

While buying basketball shoes, we should take care to pick shoes which fit well and support our arch. 

Knee Support

The Knee is the largest joint in our body. Knee injuries occur often in a basketball game as the player spends more time jumping, which leads to a lot of stress for knees. Jumping exerts a huge force on the knees, so choosing the right basketball shoes can help you to prevent knee problems in the future.

Low Top Shoes

Low Top looks similar to athletic shoes, but these shoes provide high flexibility for players who are in the Guard position.

Advantage of Low Top Shoes

Lightweight and flexible

Disadvantage of Low Top Shoes

It doesn’t offer ankle support and is less durable.

Mid Top Shoes

Mid-Top Shoes provide balanced support and flexibility. It also provides ankle support, but not up to the level of High Top Shoes.

Advantage of Mid Top Shoes

Does not restrict mobility like high tops

Disadvantage of Mid Top Shoes

Less durable

High Top Shoes

High Tops provide good ankle support which prevents ankle injuries and it is mostly suitable for big players.

Advantage of High Top Shoes

Durable and has good shock absorption capability

Disadvantage of High Top Shoes

Heavy and restricts the movements of the player

That brings us to the end of this review of the best Basketball shoes that you can buy online in India. Do let us know in the comments below if we’ve missed any good pick.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Swag Swami may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.