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The Best Cricket Shoes That You Can Buy Online in India

Selecting the perfect cricket shoes can be a challenging task, as several crucial factors need consideration before making a purchase. Opting for the right footwear can make all the difference between a stellar performance on the field with minimal risk of injuries, and a lackluster display due to discomfort and restricted movement. Various technical aspects, such as sole grip type, closure mechanism, and breathability, must be carefully evaluated. Additionally, the type of playing surface – whether it’s a rugged, stone-strewn ground or a lush grassy field – plays a vital role. In this comprehensive guide to the finest cricket shoes available for online purchase in India, we will delve into each of these aspects in intricate detail. We’ll also explore a variety of brands and options catering to different budget ranges.

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1. ASICS Gel-Peake 2 Cricket ShoesView on Amazon
2. ASICS Gel Gully 7 Cricket ShoesView on Amazon
3. Kookaburra KB Pro 2000View on Amazon

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Categorizing the cricket shoes based on the presence of studs or spikes in the sole for enhanced grip, we’ll help you navigate through the selection process. Shoes with studs are particularly well-suited for synthetic surfaces and challenging terrains, a common scenario encountered in approximately 90% of Indian cricket grounds. On the other hand, spike-adorned shoes are the preferred choice for grassy pitches and soft turfs. Within these sections, we will present the top shoe picks spanning various price points and catering to diverse experience levels. So, let’s embark on this insightful journey!

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Review – Best Cricket Shoes With Rubber Spikes

Cricket shoes with studs are tailored for use on synthetic surfaces like mats and tough, uneven fields. Let’s explore the prime contenders in the realm of rubber-spiked cricket shoes across different price brackets.

Best Rubber Cricket Shoe Under 8000

1. ASICS Gel-Peake 2 Cricket Shoes 

ASICS Gel-Peake 2 White Unisex Field Sports Shoes UK - M11 / W10
  Outer Material: Synthetic Leather
  Sole Grip: Faux Leather
  Breathability: Excellent
  Closure: Laces
  Ideal for: School and College Level Players

Crafted by ASICS, these men’s cricket shoes boast a robust sole adorned with rubber studs. While this design slightly reduces flexibility, it offers impeccable grip. The shoe’s sturdy ankle support proves invaluable during extended field sessions or rigorous net practices. Its striking white color and remarkable design ensure you stand out among your teammates. An excellent choice for those entering the world of cricket, be it beginners, school attendees, or college players seeking a medium-priced option.

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Best Rubber Cricket Shoes Under 1500

2. SG Scorer Rubber Spikes Cricket Shoes for Men 

SG Scorer Rubber Spikes Cricket Shoes
  Outer Material: Mesh
  Sole Grip: Rubber Spikes
  Breathability: Good
  Closure: Laces
  Ideal for: Beginners

The SG Scorer Cricket Shoes feature a full array of rubber spikes on the outsole, providing exceptional grip and remarkable flexibility. With its super-lightweight construction, these shoes are ideal for both fielding and batting, enabling swift and agile movements. A top-notch selection for beginners and a confident pick for your first pair of cricket shoes. Moreover, the availability of Youth sizes makes it an appealing birthday gift for young cricket enthusiasts.

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Review – Best Cricket Shoes With Metal Spikes

Tailored for use on authentic clay pitches, grass fields, and astroturf terrains, cricket shoes with metal spikes take center stage. Let’s explore the top-notch options spanning different price ranges and catering to diverse player roles.

Best Cricket Shoes for Batsmen

3. ASICS Gel Gully 7 

ASICS Mens Gel-Gully 7 - White/Pure Silver Sports Shoes, UK - 6
  Outer Material: Synthetic Fiber
  Sole Grip: 7-4 Half Spike Combination
  Breathability: Excellent
  Closure: Laces
  Ideal for: Intermediate to Professional players

The ASICS Gel Gully 7 Men’s Cricket Shoes feature a dynamic 7-4 spike configuration on the outer sole. The front section boasts 7 spikes, while the rear part houses 4 spikes. The default plastic studs at the rear can be substituted with metal spikes if required. These shoes offer exceptional support and grip during batting, with heightened heel support aiding quick direction changes while running between wickets or fielding. A preferred choice among Australian cricket players, it’s a sub-10000 gem perfect for District, State, and Ranji level professionals, particularly those specializing in batting and fielding.

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Best Cricket Shoes for Fast Bowlers

4. SG Hilite 5.0 

SG Shoe SG HILITE 5.0 WHT/Lime/Aqua NO.6 Cricket Shoes, 6 (WHT/Lime/Aqua)
  Outer Material: Synthetic
  Sole Grip: Rubber Spike
  Breathability: Good
  Closure: Lace + Strap
  Ideal for: Intermediate to Professional players

Engineered with robust rubber spikes, the SG Hilite 5.0 Men’s Cricket Shoe stands as an ideal companion for fast bowlers. Its impeccable grip and support facilitate high-speed running and the rigors of delivering powerful shots. The innovative lace and strap combination ensures that laces remain secure during deliveries, a critical feature to prevent mishaps during intense sprints. Priced under 5000, this shoe is a must-have for District, State, or Ranji level fast bowlers seeking reliability and performance.

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Best Cricket Shoes for All Rounders

5. Kookaburra KB Pro 2000 

KOOKABURRA White/Lime Mesh KB Pro 2000 Spike #6 Adult Cricket Shoe - 6 UK
  Outer Material: High Quality Leather
  Sole Grip:6-4 Full Spike Combination
  Breathability: Excellent
  Closure: Laces
  Ideal for: Intermediate to Professional players

The Kookaburra KB Pro 2000 showcases a full metal spike combination, featuring 6 spikes at the front and 4 at the rear. This balance ensures optimal grip and stability for medium-paced bowling, while maintaining a lightweight profile suitable for both batting and fielding. Its versatility renders it an excellent choice for all-rounders who desire a single pair for various roles. The shoe’s impressive high ankle support is particularly advantageous for spin bowlers. The distinctive Kookaburra bird logo enhances its aesthetic appeal. With a sub-5000 price tag, it’s a fantastic value-driven option for District, State, and Ranji level players.

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Cricket Shoes – Buying Guide

Rubber Studs Vs Metal Spikes

Rubber-studded shoes are typically preferred for batting and fielding, whereas metal-studded shoes, especially for fast bowlers, offer superior grip and support. In slippery conditions, even batsmen might opt for spikes. However, players on matted wickets tend to lean toward non-spiked options to prevent entanglement.

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Types of Cricket Shoes Explained– Hindi Video

In this video, former Indian Cricketer Snehal Pradhan explains the different types of Cricket Shoes and which type of shoe to choose for different players in Hindi.

Cricket Shoes – Buying Tips

  • Assess the quality of metal spikes, considering their replaceability.
  • Opt for lace-up shoes for traditional preference, or lace-and-strap combinations to prevent entangling.
  • Prioritize shoe upper material and ventilation for enduring comfort during extended matches.
  • Acknowledge the significance of ankle coverage in fast bowling shoes.
  • Prioritize adequate sole cushioning to withstand the impact of rigid spikes.
  • Always prioritize comfort; well-fitting footwear can significantly mitigate injury risks and elevate performance.

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Always choose shoes that is comfortable. Good footwear can safeguard you from injuries and help better your performance.

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