taking care of yourself while playing cricket

7-Ways To Protect Yourself While Playing Cricket

Whenever you play a sport outdoors, it is important to take care of yourself. Being exposed to the elements such as sun and dust makes it imperative that you take certain measures to protect yourself. There is no point in ignoring this and by that, you end up harming yourself. So, we have decided to give you some help regarding this. We have split up the self-care into different categories. We will tell you about their importance and also what you can get to take care of them. Let us take a look at how it is going to be done.

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Review – Best Cricket Goggles

Have you ever had this moment where you could not go for a catch because the sun was in your eyes? If that is the case, then using sunglasses is a no-brainer for you. When playing under the hot sun, you need to protect your eyes. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to cataracts. With the special UV film, these goggles offer protection and make you look stylish as well. By wearing them, you will be able to go for those catches that you earlier could not attempt.

You must also factor in comfort for your eyes as well as nose as that’s where these goggles will be resting. The glasses cannot be too heavy, or it will fall off when you run. So, what do we recommend?

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Best Cricket Goggles for Men 

DSC Glider Cricket Sunglasses 

DSC Glider Polarized Unisex-Adult Cricket Sunglasses (Multicolour)
  It strikes the right balance between style and comfort
  You can wear them anywhere not just on the field
  The lightweight design and silicon nose pads maximise comfort

Best Cricket Sunglasses Under 500

Tenebrose White 

Tenebrose Men's Sport Sunglasses White Frame Multicolor Lens-Pack of 1
  It has 100% UV protection
  The glasses come with a case and cover to ensure its safety
  Perfect for spending hours on the field

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Review – Best Cricket Hats & Caps

Apart from the goggles, this is another way which you can protect your eyes and face. If you are going to be spending a lot of time under the sun, a hat or cap is an absolute necessity. Depending on your preference, you can go for a cap or a traditional hat also known as a Panama hat. Either way, you cannot go wrong when it comes to taking care of yourself. The material used for the hat plays a big role in handling the heat that you will be facing. So, what do we recommend?

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Best Cricket Hat With Brim

DSC Panama Atmos 

DSC Unisex-Adult Cricket Hat (1500491_White_Medium)
  Made with premium cotton that will keep you cool.
  Along with this, there are eyelets on both sides that will allow airflow
  It is comfortable, classy and highly durable

Best Cricket Cap for Men

DSC Attitude 

DSC Attitude Cricket Cap for Mens (Navy)
  Gives your eyes the maximum protection from the sun
  Has sweat wicking fabric that will keep you comfortable
  The Velcro strap makes it fit for anyone with ease

Review – Best Cricket Sun Protection Products

You might be thinking that you are safe from the sun with the goggles and the hat but there is another thing you will have to use. When you are bowling, you will have to remove your hat and goggles. What is going to protect in situations like this? Sunscreen is the answer and you can get ones that are made for sports. Think of the SPF or sun protection factor and you can experiment a little to see how much is needed for you. It also has to be waterproof since there is going to be a lot of sweat dripping from your face. By extension, it must also be non-greasy. So, what do we recommend?

Best Cricket Sunscreen for Men

Naturence Herbal Sun Block 

Naturence Herbals Sun Block Sports Cream White Zinc SPF50, 72g
  Made with natural ingredients, it is the perfect protector for a cricketer.
  With SPF 50, you are getting a shield from the sun
  It is non-greasy meaning that your sweat will not have an impact on it

Best Cricket Sunblock for Men

RE' EQUIL Ultra Matte Dry Touch 

RE' EQUIL Ultra Matte Dry Touch Sunscreen Gel, Matte Finish Sunscreen For All Skin Types, Water & Sweat Resistant With Spf 50 Pa++++ No White Cast, Non-Greasy & Non-Comedogenic, 50g
  It is sweat resistant and can be used on all skin types.
  Protects you from UV rays with a SPF of 50+
  It doesn’t have any chemicals which might harm you. Made from natural ingredients

Best Cricket Arm Sleeves for Men

Le Gear Fury Series 

Le Gear - OG-004 Orgami Polygon Arm Sleeves (Grey, Free Size)
  It is sweat resistant and can be used on all skin types.
  compression technology – enhances blood flow
  Built-in anti odour formula

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Review – Best Cricket Inner Gloves

Whether you are batting or keeping, gloves are an essential item. But to make them safer and more comfortable, we suggest you make use of inner gloves. They are better than the outer gloves in absorbing the sweat. This is important especially for keepers who might spend the whole day in the field. And when you wear them, you will realise that they have a better fit. This helps you perform better in the knowledge that you are protected. The trickiest part about getting one is finding the right size. But if you have that then there is no stopping you. So, what do we recommend?

Best Cricket Inner Gloves for Men

SG Club 

SG Club Inner Gloves, Adult (Color May Vary), Cotton(Cricket)
  Made from highly absorbent cotton that won’t make you feel sweaty.
  It fits perfectly for any hand size
  They can be used for batting as well as keeping. You are getting 2 for the price of 1

Best Cricket Fingerless Inner Gloves for Men

DSC Attitude 2 

DSC Attitude2 Inner Gloves
  The unique design gives you better grip and durability.
  You can wear it for a full day and you still won’t feel uncomfortable
  Are a perfect choice for those looking for support and comfort not to mention style

Review – Best Cricket Hydrating Liquids

When playing, you are going to be losing a lot of fluids. If you do not remember to keep yourself hydrated, there are going to be some serious consequences. Thankfully, there are special liquids than not hydrate you but also replenish the nutrients and electrolytes that you have lost. If a bottle is too much to carry around, you can also carry hydrating gels that fit into your pocket.

These are more portable and give you the right kind of energy but in smaller doses. Based on your budget, you can get drinks or gels. The thing to keep in mind is that there are options available at both ends of the spectrum. Regardless of how much you pay, they will give you the energy boost that you require. So, what do we recommend?

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Best Cricket Hydrating Liquid Under 200

O'CEAN Energy Drink  

O'CEAN Energy Drink enriched with natural caffeine, glucose & vitamins| 250ml | Pack of 24 - Virat Edition Energy Drink
  This energy drink powder is endorsed by the captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli
  Stylish packaging which has a tasty and effective product
  The classic flavour gives you all the essential nutrients

Best Cricket Energy Gel

  Gentle on the body and does not cause any discomfort
  Tastes amazing and is ready to eat
  No side effects and gives you an instant boost of energy

Cricket is a hard game played with a hard ball under harsh conditions. Sunburn, dehydration and cramps are some of the risks that you face when playing cricket.

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